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Birth, School, Work, Death

My current lifestyle of work, gym, home isnít the best for coming up with scintillating journal entries. I keep thinking of the song ĎBirth, School, Work, Deathí by the Godfathers Ė itís sort of depressing. But, since I tried on a pair of pants that fit last winter, but donít now, I guess I have to keep my nose to the grindstone.

Steve officially starts work on the house today, which is a big, huge step. Not as big as signing the papers to make it ours, or the first mortgage payment that will get sucked from my checking account next month, but a big step nonetheless. There wonít be much noticeable progress for awhile yet Ė thereís a lot of clean-up work to do. I think one of the first things on the agenda is for Steve to finish installing the new-to-us cabinets in the downstairs kitchen. Right now only half of them are in and that half doesnít have doors on the bottom cabinets. It gives the kitchen a sort of neo-scavenger look, but the cats seem to like having extra spaces to explore. I am not liking having to blow dust and cat hair off of any package I pull out of the cubbies, so Iím heavily lobbying for this to be the first task. Since this will also clear out the cabinets that are laying around on the second floor taking up workspace, Steve tends to agree with me that this might be a good first step. It will be kind of nice having him working at home all day. In addition to the obvious Ė the house will be getting closer to done Ė someone will be in the house all day keeping an eye on things and Steve will be available to start dinner preparations. Since pork roast was on sale again at the market I bought an extra-large roast that Steve will be able to pop into the oven a couple of hours before Iím due home. Ta-Da! Instant househusband!

Over the weekend the Tribune had an article that listed 10 steps to a healthier new year and most of them were the typical exercise regularly, stop smoking, eat better variety, but there was one that made me take notice. It mentioned that you shouldnít put anything on your face that you wouldnít consider putting in your mouth. The article said that your face is like a sponge and it soaks up all those strange chemicals in moisturizers, masks, and make-up and thereís really no telling what the long-term effects of this are. Apparently Europe has far more stringent regulations than the United States about testing non-drug items that will be used in contact with human skin and cosmetic companies often have different (better for you) formulas that they use in products over there. Supposedly Estee Lauder and LíOreal are planning on reformulating their US products to meet European standards but it sounds like that may be sometime down the line. Itís something for me to consider. Thereís an old timey apothecary near my house that carries mostly European products, so I may have to head over there and check out some more natural alternatives to my regular skin care. I could give the DHC olive oil based products another go too. My skin has been so good recently that Iím loath to mess with my routine. I use oatmeal complexion soap from some dinky Scandanavian shop in Geneva, Illinois, Hope in a Tube eye cream, and Hope in a Jar face cream. I go through this routine only at night Ė I donít wash my face in the morning. I figure it doesnít get dirty overnight and thatís one less application of goo I need to put on my face. I should probably use some something with SPC in it in the morning, but Iíve yet to find one that doesnít make my face feel sticky.

Resolution Diary:
Exercise yesterday: 1 hour Body Pump class.
Dinner yesterday: Kind of a smorgasbord due to the large amount of leftovers. I had some coleslaw with pickled beets, a handful of green olives, the last of the jambalaya, and a little turkey-tortellini soup. 1 glass of red wine and a handful of chocolate drops for dessert.
Breakfast: Coffee with milk, lite yogurt.
Lunch today: ShhhhÖ donít tell Steve, but I ate out. I only made the concession because my friend Michelle called me this morning and said she had a craving for sushi. Iím not a real sushi person, but I ate miso soup, sliced cucumber salad, California maki, edamame and hot tea. Itís probably healthier than what I was going to have for lunch anyway and I got to see Michelle and hear her tales of woe that have arisen from house hunting.
Snack: an orange.
Other than the coffee, grapefruit, red wine and beer mentions I donít write about what Iím drinking and thatís because itís either tap water or flavored LaCroix. I rarely drink pop, sports drinks or juice (other than the grapefruit juice at breakfast). I am trying to drink more water though Ė I keep a giant adult-sippy cup filled on my desk at all times and I always bring a water bottle to the gym with me.
Reading: ĎWhy French Women Donít Get Fatí by some French chick. Itís turning out to be the pretty much the same diet blah-blah that all diet books are about. Eat smaller portions, avoid processed foods, drink more water, add some exercise into your life, etc. She does recommend a 48-hour liquid fast where you only eat some sort of leek broth, which sounds a little too much like the Weight Watchers cabbage soup if you ask me, but maybe Iíll try it. It canít hurt. The only sensible thing that she preaches is if you are going to eat something thatís high-fat/calorie make sure itís really worth it. In other words, if you like cheese donít eat the shitty processed crap, eat the really good stuff, try to eat less of it, and savor every bite. Donít order the Death by Chocolate Ė have a square or two of really good quality chocolate. Iím only about a third of the way through so maybe sheíll have some other gems that I can share.

1:51 p.m. - 2006-01-10


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