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Bring on the dancing horses

Yay! There was a new Gilmore Girls on last night! This is what my non-going out life has become Ė getting excited about Ďfreshí episodes of tv shows on the WB. As always, seeing Lorelei makes me want to go shopping. She wore a really great jacket with a huge rose embroidered on the back that was very nice. Then she tried on her wedding dress at the end and ruined all the excellent clothing karma that has built up over the years. Lauren Graham is a slender person but that dress made her look like she was storing a roll of chunk right below her boobs and it just wasnít flattering. I donít think it will really matter because in the next episode or two Luke will tell her he fathered a child thirteen years ago and the engagement will go all flooey and if they ever reconcile sheíll probably consider the dress bad luck and have to get a new one.

I also cleaned out the tivo of episodes of The Alternative Ė VH1 Classicís 80ís video show. If Iíd been smart in the early 80ís I would have run away from home and found Ian McCullough of Echo and the Bunnymen so I could have lost myself in his perfect lips. I donít think he aged well so perhaps itís best that I stayed the course in suburban Chicago. I also spent some time trying to figure out which came first: Gene Loves Jezabel or the next-generation (post-Run DMC revival) Aerosmith - they both seem to favor the same scarf tied around microphone thing and also the glam clothes and bad rockíníroll hair. Also? I know the lyrics to far too many 80ís songs. Itís a wonder I graduated high school since apparently all I did during that time was listen to records over and over and over again.

Iím going to spin class tonight at the small spin studio in the town I grew up in. Because of some scheduling issues it looks like Iíll also be taking spin classes on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday I probably wonít be able to get out of bed because my knees will be shot. Thatís all for today Ė not too much going on. I think Iíve entered the January doldrums. No sun, no eating out, no vacations or holidays, reduced shopping Ė bleh.

Resolution Diary:
Exercise yesterday: 1 hour pilates class.
Dinner yesterday: 2 slices roast pork, Ĺ baked potato with non-butter spread, broccoli, 1 glass red wine, handful of chocolate drops for dessert. There are no more chocolate drops in the house so I guess Iíll have to find another vice for dessert.
Breakfast today: coffee with milk, small can V-8 juice, lite yogurt.
Lunch today: 3 rice cakes smeared with lo-fat peanut butter, an apple.
Snack: an orange.
Reading: Still the book about French Women not getting fat. I didnít read at all last night Ė too much tivo. I need to go to the library on my way home tonight so I can return some books before the Library Police come after me and hopefully I can find some new books to check out while Iím there. The branch near me is pretty small but they do a decent job of keeping new-ish books well displayed and easy to find. There is a larger Ďregional branchí equidistant from my house, but it tends to attract a fair share of nutbags and homeless people. Call me a snob, but I prefer to check out my books without having my olfactory sense assaulted with nasty BO or having to avoid twitchy weirdos.

10:19 a.m. - 2006-01-11


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