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Now with Active Cultures!

Goddamn I hate Oprah. Apparently on this year’s (last year’s?) Favorite Things show she mentioned the facial moisturizer I use – Philosophy Hope in a Jar. Now I can’t order a jar from any of my usual suspects –, Sephora – no one has any left and they can’t even say when they will get restocked. Fucking Oprahmania. I think the ‘official’ Philosophy website ( - I wonder how much they had to pay for THAT domain name?) has it in stock, but I want the sample goodies that I get when I order from Drugstore or Sephora. Pout.

You know you’ve been watching too much ‘Law and Order’ when you start to recognize extras who have been on the show more than once – “Hey – wasn’t that material witness the crazy mom in that other episode?” I think I need to lay off for awhile.

Has anyone tried any of the products by Spanx? Alli used to wear the Bralalujah, but it looks like a glorified Ace bandage and the lack of underwire screams floppage to me. I’m more interested in a couple of the products I saw in the latest catalog from Bliss like the Bod-a-Bing! Slimming skirt and pants. Do they work? Are they flattering? I’m also intrigued by the MBT sneakers that claim to help battle thigh cellulite, but $245 a pop seems like a lot to pay for dorky looking kicks. I’m not sure where I heard the term ‘kicks’ used for sneakers, but I’m trying to use it whenever I can, which reminds me that I want to get to a Nordstrom to check out their selection of Pumas and Adidas. For some reason I’m suddenly craving hip ‘lifestyle’ sneakers. I mean kicks.

Resolution Diary:
Exercise yesterday: 1 hour spin class – I’m getting back into class shape and not wheezing the whole time. I also feel OK today – not like last week when it felt like someone had beaten me with a rubber hose.
Dinner yesterday: 6-7 green olives, salad, leftover homemade pizza (probably one slice too many, but it was sooooo good). For dessert Steve brought me 3 of those repulsive yet delicious corn-flake/marshmallow wreath cookies from his mom’s still enormous stash of Christmas cookies. Yay – green poop today!
Breakfast: glass of grapefruit juice, coffee with milk, lite yogurt.
Lunch: 1 packet of tuna, 4 grainy ryecrisps, an apple, a handful of pecans.
Snack: an orange.
Reading: I finished the “French Women” diet book. Eh. Most of the rest of it was recipes and lame-o advice about moderation. Plus I had trouble getting past the Francophile bullshit and knocks on Big Bad America – I know, what should I have expected? I am considering getting a Donvier Yogurt maker though – Mirielle blabs on at such length about the virtues and pleasures of fresh, preservative-free yogurt that it makes me look skeptically at my cup of Yoplait Lite Yogurt. I looked up the Donvier machine on Amazon and it seems pretty easy – all you need is milk and a little plain yogurt with active culture as a starter. The machine makes 8 cups at a time and you can buy a $15.99 attachment that will turn plain yogurt into ‘yo-cheese’ that can be used in place of cream cheese, mayonnaise, and butter. If I would continue to use it I would probably wind up saving money over the long-haul since the machine is only $39.99 with free shipping. I know that’s a big if, but I will proudly admit that I don’t have a cabinet in the kitchen that is a ghetto of unused small appliances – no dusty bread maker or sad lonely Foreman grill reside in my house, although I did receive an unregistered for ice cream maker as a wedding gift – whether or not it will gather dust in a kitchen cabinet remains to be seen, as currently it is gathering dust with ALL of the wedding gifts in my basement. I do have a toaster oven, a Cuisinart, and a Kitchen Aid stand mixer that all see regular usage – of course it could be argued that they are all multi-purpose appliances. But, looking at the back of the Yoplait yogurt cup, there’s a ton of chemicals in there, which can’t be good for me. I’ll run it by Steve tonight and see what he says. I can already foresee his negativity seeing as his idea of yogurt is Yoplait Whips in flavors like Key Lime and Lemon Crème pie, but if I whine long enough he’ll probably give in.

1:48 p.m. - 2006-01-12


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