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Big potty

In yesterdayís mail I receives a copy of the Vermont Country Store Catalog. Did I become a member of AARP without my knowledge? Because this catalog is so totally geared towards crumblies (old folk). Yeah, there is some normal merch and even a few items Iíd consider ordering (mostly food items) but they sell entirely too many different kinds of granny-panties. They have one kind Ė Lovepats Ė that go almost all the way to the modelís armpits. They were requested by catalog reader Maryanne Wagner of Indianapolis Ė thatís a distinction Iíd rather not be known for Ė now everyone knows just what Maryanneís undies look like, and it ainít pretty.
Tomorrow holds the prospect of being a very exciting day. Steve and I will have to eat one of our mealsÖÖat a restaurant. When we were on vacation in early December we bought a piece of art Ė an oil painting to be exact. It needed to be glazed and framed so we left it up at the place where we bought it to have the necessary work done. Itís all finished now so we decided to take a little road trip and pick it up. Weíll eat breakfast at home before we leave and we should be home in time for dinner, but lunch will have to be on the road. I think we will be up in Monticello in time to have lunch at the M&M Cafť. Itís not quite like getting to eat at Chez Whatever, but it is good homestyle cooking. I promise not to have anything that comes with a side of fries. Yes, I could pack a lunch, but cut me some slack - itís too cold and wet out to find a nice picnic spot. I canít believe that Iím going to make it a whole month without eating anything that comes from a deep fryer Ė it might be a modern record, but itís already having some good effects. I donít know that Iíve lost any weight (since Iím not interested in getting on a scale, the only way for me to tell if Iím getting any smaller will be when/if I start fitting into clothes that were, ahemÖsnug) but I seem to have conquered a different problem. ALERT: Too Much Information Ahead Ė skip if you donít like to discuss poop. A few years ago I had my gallbladder removed and since that time Iíve had what would be deemed less that perfect poop. Frequent loose stool to be exact, as in multiple trips to the bathroom daily Ė I canít even fathom only going once every two weeks like Dooce and TranceJen. I donít quite know why I didnít put two and two together and realize it was most likely because of the gallbladder removal - I had been trying figure out if I was lactose intolerant, had irritable bowel syndrome, or had picked up a parasite at the animal shelter (that was a fun one Ė I actually had to take poop samples for a week and bring them into a lab), but I couldnít isolate the cause. Then I did some web research on pooping patterns post-gallbladder and it turns out that itís very common to have Ďissuesí especially if you donít watch you fat intake. Basically anything for a deep fryer is like instant death to me and I know this now because the bulk of what Iíve been eating on my diet for the past couple of weeks has been very low in fat Ė even the pizza I made used fancy fresh mozzarella and I cooked the shit out of the sausage to get it as lean as possible. I did have some issues after eating the jambalaya Ė it uses a bit of vegetable oil and we used real sausage instead of the lean turkey sausage that we usually use. Anyway, the upshot of this is Iím no longer spending half the day in the bathroom feeling like Iím pooping acid. Isnít that special? Arenít you glad I shared?

Resolution Diary:
Exercise yesterday: 1 hour, kick-ass spin class. I was completely drenched when it was done and still flushed a half hour later when I got home.
Dinner yesterday: The last of the coleslaw with some pickled beets, 2 pieces of homemade pizza, and yogurt with fresh blackberries for dessert. 1 glass of red wine.
Breakfast: 1 small can of V8, coffee with milk, lite yogurt (still working on Steve about the yogurt maker. As expected he is not hip to the idea.)
Lunch: 4 ryecrisps, 1 packet tuna, apple.
Snack: an orange, handful of pecans.
Reading: Nothing right now. I was so wiped from the spin class yesterday that I could barely keep my eyes open when I got into bed. I did pick up three new books from the library on Wednesday and I expect that Iíll have plenty of time to read during the football games on Sunday. I suppose I should be interested because the Bears actually made it to the playoffs, but I find it difficult to work up an enthusiasm about a game I donít really understand. And, no, I donít want to take the time to learn about it Ė it seems dumb to me so I donít really care. So there, nyah.

1:44 p.m. - 2006-01-13


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