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A meal out

It was very exciting to eat at a restaurant this weekend, even if it was just lunch at a little diner. Amazing that when you arenít eating out four times a week it becomes special to choose something to eat (and not necessarily have to eat the same thing as your dining companion), have someone else prepare your food and bring it to you, and (most importantly) do the dishes when itís all finished. Although I havenít really missed eating out much (except for the residual hermitlike existence that eating at home has promoted) I occasionally find myself driving past a restaurant I really like and having warm thoughts about my favorite meals there. I also passed a billboard for Culverís with a prominent photo of a double butterburger with cheese and I thought my brain was going to explode. Iím not much of a fast food eater but I do fancy the fare at Culverís.

Since Steve and I have been eating in this month, weíve been keeping NetFlix and our TiVo very busy. Weíve been averaging about two movies a week. I think weíd hit three, but Iíve had The Virgin Suicides out from NetFlix for about three months waiting for a chance to watch it by myself because Iím pretty sure Steve will hate it. It seems too girly for him but maybe Iím wrong. This weekend we saw the Bourne Supremacy (stupid, sucked) and Broken Flowers (apparently Bill Murray only makes movies with enigmatic endings now, but good nonetheless), about three Law & Orders, and a mixed bag of MXC, Malcolm in the Middle, and Seinfeld. Oh yeah, we saw the Steelers beat the Colts and Da Bears lose to Carolina Ė actually I only saw bits and pieces of these games because I was in the kitchen cooking*. Iím not upset in the least about the Bears losing Ė I find Chicagoans to be unbearable (no pun intended) when the Bears are doing well.

* My new concept is to make something on Sunday that we can eat a couple of times during the week. In a very strange Betty Crockerish kind of way Iím enjoying having the larder stocked and only having to run to the market for incidentals during the week. There are no more painful midday phone conversations with Steve made up entirely of, ďI donít know what do YOU want to have for dinner?Ē Next Sunday Iím planning on making a big-ass meatloaf. Since Iím also cooking more Iím actually using up the stuff in the fridge and freezer that just used to go to waste. For instance I used up the rest of the pizza ingredients that I had from last weekend and made two pizzas (one remains for this week). For this weekís big meal I made a big cauldron of beef stew that we should be able to eat twice and still have enough left over to freeze a container for later consumption. Iím starting to enjoy cooking except for the collateral damage. I cut two fingers on my right hand opening the re-used sour cream container that was storing the leftover fresh mozzarella, and my hands still have a lingering eau de garlic from chopping six cloves for the stew despite washing my hands a zillion times and taking a shower. I guess I donít have to worry about a vampire attack in the near future.

We drove up to Monticello, Wisconsin on Saturday to pick up our framed painting. Of course because we are shameless consumers we werenít able to just pick up the painting, turn around and go home. We hopped over to Monroe to pick up some wine that we like from a market there and then we headed to Janesville where we stopped at Farm & Fleet to pick up a fire-proof file cabinet, another pair of fleece lined jeans and some Carhartt shirts for Steve. I spotted a Target so we hopped over there and picked up some more Nick & Nora pajamas on sale and one pair of new N&N spring pajamas not on sale, a new doormat, and a Mizrahi skirt - $95. Cha-ching.

Resolution Diary:
The weekend wrap-up is in a quicky entry posted right before this, if youíre interested.
Breakfast: coffee with milk, small can of V8, lite yogurt.
Lunch: 1 packet tuna, 6 small ryecrisps, apple.
Snack: an orange.
Reading: still reading The Book of Dead Birds.

11:51 a.m. - 2006-01-16


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