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Rat Redux

So I seem to recall journaling about a rat problem in my alley some time ago. Well, itís baaaaack. A few weeks ago I saw a rat scurry under my car then go under the fence and into my neighborís garage. Iíve been waiting for a chance to see my neighbor to let him know that heís harboring critters, but in the winter I donít see him as much as I do in the summer when Iím out in the yard more often. As I was coming inside last night I saw him and gave him the bad news Ė he seemed somewhat nonchalant. He mentioned that heís seen a few mice Ė perhaps he was thinking that I was mistaken in what sort of rodent I saw. Steve had come out by this time to see if I needed any help with the groceries and he wound up hanging out by the fence talking to our neighbor about the Bears game while I went inside to start warming up some stew for dinner. Apparently while they were out there having sports talk a rat scurried into the garage. HAH! That will teach him to doubt my rat spotting abilities! Apparently heís lived a somewhat sheltered life and hasnít actually seen a rat before last night so I think he might have been disillusioned about how bad the problem in our alley can get. Iím hoping this means heíll call the Chicago Rat Czar and get something done about this because I donít want them to start multiplying when it gets warmer and surprising me when I lift the lid on our garbage can. I think the big problem is that his garage really an old carriage house kind of structure and itís kind of a disaster area Ė a haven for pests. Maybe this is the motivation he needs to clean it out and organize it. I wonder how heís going to break it to his wife. I bet she goes apeshit Ė I know sheís always worrying about their wiener-dog tangling with a rat and getting bitten or contracting some sort of parasite. I think they should borrow the neighborís Jack Russell terrier, Jackie (how original), who has supposedly killed about three rats and a couple of squirrels in the past year with nary a scratch on her. Whatever they do, I hope they do it soon.

TNT has started to show reruns of House, the medical drama, so Steve and I have jumped on the bandwagon. I like it but I just canít stop thinking about Hugh Laurie as the idiot Prince Regent from the BBC comedy Black Adder and I have a hard time taking him seriously since heís carried over some of the same mannerisms from one character to the next. Plus (and yes, I know itís tv so some exaggerations will exist) I canít help but think that heís a little unprofessional despite his outstanding diagnostic skills. Also, they show some awfully graphic surgery and treatment scenes - I have to spend a good portion of the show with my hands over my eyes. In the episode we watched last night some poor sap was getting injections in his spine and even though I covered my eyes I could still hear the grunts and groans. Ick.

Iím going to measure myself tonight and use it as a start point to see if the diet and exercise program is working. I know I probably should have taken these measurements back on January first, but oh wellÖ. Iím going to take then in the following places: calf, upper thigh, upper arm (for these three Iíll have to use moles as a guidelines so when I measure again I can make sure I take the measurements at the same places), and waist. If Iím not too horrified by the measurements, I might even post them.

Resolution Diary:
Exercise yesterday Ė 1 hour Body Pump Class
Dinner yesterday: 9-10 green olives, bowl of beef stew, 2 slices of bread. 1 glass of red wine, and a medium bowl of cinnamon ice cream for dessert.
Breakfast: coffee with milk, small can of V8, lite yogurt. I think the Donvier yogurt maker is a dead issue Ė plus I donít really mind the Ďliteí yogurt I eat every day. I get completely grossed out by the watery liquid that forms on top of the more natural yogurts and I donít even really like to mix the fruit from the bottom of some yogurts, so I guess the chemical laden Yoplait lite is probably what I should stick with.
Lunch: 3 rice cakes smeared with low-fat peanut butter, an apple.
Snack: cottage cheese, an orange. I was really hungry after my Body Pump class yesterday Ė I had forgotten to eat my afternoon snack orange. I stopped at the market for some bread to go with dinner and I had a near breakdown in the chips Ďní snacks aisle. There was a bag of cheesy-poofs that looked so tempting and was just calling out to me but I resisted itís siren call. I almost gave in because it was from the O Organics line thatís new at Dominickís/Safeway and I was trying to rationalize that because it was organic how bad could it be? When I looked at the nutrition information it would seem that the answer would be, pretty bad. I should probably start keeping a small baggie of some sort of snack in my purse (another suggestion from the French Women Donít Get Fat author) for just these sort of occasions. Maybe some dried apricots or some pecans or something like that.

3:11 p.m. - 2006-01-17


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