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I had the strangest sense of twin-ism when I read Weetabix yesterday. I canít get my husband to wear a sweater either. Perhaps I should consider myself lucky because if he wore a sweater he might be so attractive that he would be besieged with offers from young, leggy hotties and he might leave me by the wayside. Unlikely, but I often imagine the worst case scenario. And again with the twin-ism thing Ė I have also craved an Ecosystem in the past and despite having the bankroll to purchase one, I have fooled myself into thinking that it was too whimsical of a purchase. But no more! The next time Iím mall bound Iíll stop into Brookstone and buy myself one! Thanks for the Eco Empowerment Ms. Bix! Iíd go right online and order one, but Iím a little afraid that the shipping might bounce the shrimplets around too much and Iíd wind up with Ďspecialí shrimp (which sounds like a good entrťe). Yes, I fully realize that they had to get to the Brookstone store somehow and they probably got bounced around during that trip, but at least I donít have to take direct responsibility for any overt shaking that occurred in the shrimplets recent past. And, if I go into the store I can choose my own shrimp. Who knows? Maybe thereís an Ecosystem out there at the Brookstone in Old Orchard with a shrimp thatís just waiting for me to come in and pick him. All this Weetabixiania is making me excited for the Ďcon in February Ė check out the pie button on the bottom of Weetís site for more info.

Resolution Diary:
Exercise yesterday: 1 hour spin class.
Dinner yesterday: Beef stew over noodles, 1 glass red wine, and more animal cookies for dessert than I should have had - proof that my problem is due to portion control. I donít snack - unless you count the orange Iíve been forcing myself to eat every afternoon to give my body enough energy to make it through the exercise classes without ripping off someoneís arm and gnawing on it. But, given an open bag of something or a plate of something, if it tastes good then Iím likely to keep eating it until I feel a little sick. If I had been smart I would have just grabbed a small dish or the cookies and then when I was finished I would have been done Ė fini. Gah Ė when will I learn my lesson.
Breakfast: coffee with milk (2% all the time, by the way), small can of V8. I had a cup of lite yogurt, but I didnít have time to eat it because weíre having a bank audit at work and Iím running around procuring documents.
Lunch: I was starting to be concerned about getting stuck in a rut eating the same two things for lunch, so I mixed it up today and had Campbellís Select Gold Creamy Portobello Mushroom soup with some oyster crackers and an apple.
Snack: the hated orange. I donít really hate them, but I eat it more out of duty to get another piece of fruit into my diet and to stave off the hunger pangs I get at the gym. Since we donít have a cafeteria or candy machines at work (thank god) Iím limited to what I bring with me - if all I have is the orange then thatís what I get. There are often snacks back in the sales department, but thankfully thatís in the main building and I donít go there often Ė what I canít see wonít tempt me.
Reading: I started Sights Unseen by Kaye Gibbons. I remember enjoying Ellen Foster, Gibbonsís big bestseller (no doubt helped by the Oprah Book Club) and this book seems similarly engaging. I had to look up Kay Gibbons on Amazon to remember the title of the book and it looks like she is quite prolific Ė Iíll have to check out a couple of other books sheís written.

2:27 p.m. - 2006-01-19


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