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I had the strangest sense of twin-ism when I read Weetabix yesterday. I can�t get my husband to wear a sweater either. Perhaps I should consider myself lucky because if he wore a sweater he might be so attractive that he would be besieged with offers from young, leggy hotties and he might leave me by the wayside. Unlikely, but I often imagine the worst case scenario. And again with the twin-ism thing � I have also craved an Ecosystem in the past and despite having the bankroll to purchase one, I have fooled myself into thinking that it was too whimsical of a purchase. But no more! The next time I�m mall bound I�ll stop into Brookstone and buy myself one! Thanks for the Eco Empowerment Ms. Bix! I�d go right online and order one, but I�m a little afraid that the shipping might bounce the shrimplets around too much and I�d wind up with �special� shrimp (which sounds like a good entr�e). Yes, I fully realize that they had to get to the Brookstone store somehow and they probably got bounced around during that trip, but at least I don�t have to take direct responsibility for any overt shaking that occurred in the shrimplets recent past. And, if I go into the store I can choose my own shrimp. Who knows? Maybe there�s an Ecosystem out there at the Brookstone in Old Orchard with a shrimp that�s just waiting for me to come in and pick him. All this Weetabixiania is making me excited for the �con in February � check out the pie button on the bottom of Weet�s site for more info.

Resolution Diary:
Exercise yesterday: 1 hour spin class.
Dinner yesterday: Beef stew over noodles, 1 glass red wine, and more animal cookies for dessert than I should have had - proof that my problem is due to portion control. I don�t snack - unless you count the orange I�ve been forcing myself to eat every afternoon to give my body enough energy to make it through the exercise classes without ripping off someone�s arm and gnawing on it. But, given an open bag of something or a plate of something, if it tastes good then I�m likely to keep eating it until I feel a little sick. If I had been smart I would have just grabbed a small dish or the cookies and then when I was finished I would have been done � fini. Gah � when will I learn my lesson.
Breakfast: coffee with milk (2% all the time, by the way), small can of V8. I had a cup of lite yogurt, but I didn�t have time to eat it because we�re having a bank audit at work and I�m running around procuring documents.
Lunch: I was starting to be concerned about getting stuck in a rut eating the same two things for lunch, so I mixed it up today and had Campbell�s Select Gold Creamy Portobello Mushroom soup with some oyster crackers and an apple.
Snack: the hated orange. I don�t really hate them, but I eat it more out of duty to get another piece of fruit into my diet and to stave off the hunger pangs I get at the gym. Since we don�t have a cafeteria or candy machines at work (thank god) I�m limited to what I bring with me - if all I have is the orange then that�s what I get. There are often snacks back in the sales department, but thankfully that�s in the main building and I don�t go there often � what I can�t see won�t tempt me.
Reading: I started Sights Unseen by Kaye Gibbons. I remember enjoying Ellen Foster, Gibbons�s big bestseller (no doubt helped by the Oprah Book Club) and this book seems similarly engaging. I had to look up Kay Gibbons on Amazon to remember the title of the book and it looks like she is quite prolific � I�ll have to check out a couple of other books she�s written.

2:27 p.m. - 2006-01-19


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