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In the shitter

This was a bad morning. One of the cats pooped on the bathroom rug. This is unacceptable and will hasten that particular catís (Ivy Ė duh) last trip to the vet (you know Ė The Green Mile*) if it becomes a habit as I do not enjoy cleaning up stinky poo the consistency of soft-serve ice cream first thing in the morning and I donít imagine that thereís a drug to cure inappropriate pooping as there is for inappropriate peeing. Overnight, two pimples that I am unable to JUST LEAVE ALONE had the gall to spring up just to the right of my chin. Then there was a ginormous 2-alarm fire that blocked my route to work this morning. I hate frantically scrabbling around to find a back-up route with all the other rerouted folk. Once I was back on my way to work there was a traffic light out at a big intersection. To cap it all off, thereís supposed to be a major snowstorm that will hit the Chicagoland area right in time for my evening commute to the gym. I can already tell itís going to be a banner day.

* Lest any of you think I am cold-hearted, evil and/or uncaring for even considering having one of my cats put to sleep please be aware that this decision will trouble me to no end and is the culmination of many sleepless nights, screaming matches, and crying jags. If I thought I could find another home for her I certainly would, however the average Joe isnít looking for an aloof cat with weight and hygiene issues that might pee all over his sofa and bed Ė and thatís IF she decides she likes the person. If she doesnít she will hiss when they come near and might even attack them. More and more we have to lock her up when guests come over to make sure she doesnít go postal on them. If I had a room available to isolate her in that might be an option too, but right now, and for the next year at the least, I have no such room. Currently my spare room is stacked with cardboard boxes containing most of my worldly possessions and I donít know about you, but I donít want my worldly possessions peed upon.

The woman who sits in the cube adjacent to mine at work is normally a fine neighbor. She isnít chatty, she doesnít play her radio too loudly, she has no offensive odors, she goes away at lunchtime leaving me in peace, butÖ. (as PeeWee says, thereís always a big but(t)Ö) she has this irritating habit of whenever anyone thanks her for anything she says, Ďno problem.í While this is an irritating habit in and of itself (whatever happened to a nice cheery, Ďyouíre welcome!í) itís more her accent that drives me nutso. Sheís from another country and the way it comes out is, Ďno prolem.í Petty? Yes, but it drives me cra-zee.

Resolution Diary:
Exercise yesterday: I had planned on a spin class, but I got a call that we were shorthanded at the animal shelter so I skipped class and went in to clean some cat boxes. Now I have to try to make up for it some time this weekend Ė if it does snow I finally break out my cross country skis, or there are a couple of classes at my gym over the weekend that I could try to hit. If I donít want to hike up to Evanston to go to the gym thereís a yoga studio a few blocks from me that probably has a class I could take.
Dinner yesterday: I have to eat before going to the shelter because I canít wait until 9pm when I get home to eat dinner. On my way in I stopped off at a fancy-schmancy market and bought a roll and 1/3 lb. of chicken salad and wolfed it down in the car. When I got home I had one Reeceís peanut butter cup.
Breakfast: coffee w/milk, small can of V8.
Lunch: salad (with hearts of palm, olives, cauliflower, hard boiled egg, artichoke heart with a little Thai sesame dressing), 6 rye crisps, an apple. Since I forgot to eat my breakfast yogurt I decided that I had an extra 100 calories to play around with and I also consumed the packet of tuna I had stashed in my desk.
Snack: an orange, a few pecans.
Dinner: I planned ahead and did my shopping yesterday so I already know that Iím having 2 crab cakes with mustard sauce, broccolini (overpriced long stemmed broccoli hybrid Ė but super yummy), and rice pilaf. I know Steve is chilling a white wine and I imagine weíll split the rest of the cinnamon ice cream for dessert. Itís kind of cheating because I bought the crab cakes pre- prepared from an uberfancy seafood market Ė all I have to do is sautť them for a while to brown them up, but itís still not eating at a restaurant, and even at $4/cake (I bought 4) itís still less than I would pay for a restaurant meal.
Reading: still the Kaye Gibbons book.

2:18 p.m. - 2006-01-20


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