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Too busy, busy, busy

No real update today – I got dumped on here at work, but I’ll do a real entry tomorrow.

Weekend Resolution Diary:
Friday dinner – see previous post
Friday exercise – 1 hour spin class
Saturday breakfast – pancakes with maple syrup.
Saturday lunch – ½ chicken sandwich and a pickle.
Saturday dinner – caprese salad, meatloaf, twice baked potato, broccolini, 2 glasses red wine, ice cream and pound cake for dessert (we had a dinner guest).
Sunday breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled, 1 piece toast, home fries, 2 sausage links.
Sunday snack: 2 handfuls of Chex mix.
Sunday dinner: last of the stew, 2 slices bread, ice cream and pound cake for dessert.
Comment: As before, the weekend isn’t the best time for me even if I’m not eating at restaurants since I have more time to be creative in the kitchen and learn to make things like home fries. Thankfully I’m not a snacker though, so that helps a bit.
Weekend exercise: housework on Saturday.
Reading: I finished the Kay Gibbons book and got half way through While I Was Gone by Sue Miller. I can’t help thinking I’ve read this book before – maybe on vacation somewhere? It’s sort of ‘eh’which seems to be a trend with the books I’ve been picking lately.
Weekend movies: The Wedding Crasher – good rental movie. I’d have been pissed to have spent $9.50 to see this in the theatre. Also? About a half-hour too long. Valley Girl – still the best movie soundtrack ever, but as a whole the movie didn’t hold up as well 20+ years later, and Steve hated it.

Regular Resolution Diary:
Breakfast: coffee w/ milk, small can V8, lite yogurt.
Lunch: Shhhh… another lunch out on the sly…. Allison called me and said she would be up in my neck of the woods and did I want to meet her at Bob Chinn’s Crabhouse? I debated for a half second and headed to my car. I did make good choices: diet Coke, salad bar, garlic roll, 4 mints. I made two trips to the bar – the first time I got a traditional salad: lettuce, hb egg, carrots, cauliflower, tomato, bacon (real), sunflower seeds, vinaigrette dressing. The second trip was for a small scoop of pasta salad (crappy, didn’t eat more than a bite) and a small scoop of cottage cheese. Did I miss the excellent creamy clam chowder? Hell yes, but it’s not on the plan.
Snack: an orange.

4:20 p.m. - 2006-01-23


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