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Amost done!

So the month of not eating out is winding down. I already know my plans for this weekend (Saturday B-Day party at the in-lawís, Sunday dinner at my parentís house) so it looks like Iíll make it to the end of the month without any major cheating. I did eat out three times Ė twice I met friends for lunch (Michelle: California maki, edamame, miso, cucumber salad. Allison: salad bar) and Steve and I did eat at a diner for lunch one Saturday when we were too far from home (lean buffalo cheeseburger, cottage cheese, roesti potatoes, Ĺ piece of pie). Iím pretty proud of myself (and Steve because I couldnít have managed this without him). Weíve made this kind of resolution before and usually broken it in just a few days in with lame excuses. This time weíve stuck it out and been pleased with the results. I discovered that Iím a better cook than I thought Ė I tried a number of new recipes and there was nary a dud in the bunch. I think I might have managed to break my addiction to deep fried foods Ė I did some sautťing, but nothing completely immersed in hot oil Ė and itís been nothing but good for the olí digestive system. The money I have in my wallet lasts much longer Ė duh. Even with bigger grocery bills and buying premium quality meats (sorry Ė the $3.89/lb. meatloaf mix from the fancy grocery is not only tastier but lower in fat than the cheaper stuff from the supermarket, and the Perdue chicken breasts have way less nasty stuff to trim off) I still have more cash. Iím a better planner. Yes, Iíve been giving up most of one day every weekend to cook a big meal that will provide leftovers and often lunchmeat, but I actually find it soothing to putter around in the kitchen. I donít think weíll go a full month without a dinner out again because it kind of killed our social life, but I want to make a conscious effort to, when we do eat out, to choose better restaurants. By better I mean restaurants that serve things I canít make at home, that use artisianal ingredients, or provide a unique dining experience. I donít want to get sucked in to the trap of going out for a burger or pizza because itís quick - itís too easy for me to order the extra beer, add on the french fries, have an appetizer, and sure, bring on the dessert! Iíd like our first dinner out to maybe be at Green Zebra where we had a fabulous meal in every respect: healthy, tasty, different (and yes, kind of expensive which is not fabulous but I guess it is expected).

Resolution Diary:
I did weigh myself finally yesterday and I was right about where I thought Iíd be, which means I have about 20 lbs. to lose. Itís tough to find a time when there arenít people around the receiving scale here at work. Iíd prefer to weigh myself at the gym when I only have light workout clothes on, but thereís NEVER a time when the scale area isnít clustered with half naked women, and the gym stupidly put in a digital scale that has the display where everyone can easily see it - since I donít feel like broadcasting my weight Iíll just have to skulk around the scale here at work and take off 5 lbs. for clothes & shoes.
Exercise yesterday: 1 hour pilates class. Quite honestly Iím not sure that my weekly hour of rolling around on the floor is doing much good. I know there are celebrities that swear by pilates, but I imagine that theyíre doing it more than once a week. Maybe for my birthday next month Iíll look into a package of private pilates lessons at one of the local studios, or I could just buy a pilates dvd and use my own yoga mats in front of the tv.
Dinner yesterday: I wasnít feeling very well last night so I ate just a little spaghetti and a meatball and a little salad. No wine, no dessert.
Breakfast today: same olí, same olíÖ. Coffee w/milk, small V8, lite yogurt.
Lunch: 3 rice cakes smeared with lo-fat peanut butter, an apple. Note to self: next time splurge for the extra .20 and buy the name brand rice cakes - the grocery store house brand ones come pre-crumbled in the sleeve which is not conducive to the peanut butter smearing.
Snack: an orange

4:12 p.m. - 2006-01-25


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