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A little bit normal

It was a pretty good weekend. The dog finally pooped so Shitwatch 2006 is over, we ate out with some friends, watched The 40 Year Old Virgin Ė normal stuff. It feels good to do normal stuff.

On Sunday, Steve and I drove up to my parentís house and Steve, my brother and my dad went to a StuporBowl party and I stayed behind with my mom to help out with some laundry and other things. She is going to drive us all nuts Ė I KNOW how to do laundry Ė thereís absolutely no need for her to follow me down the basement steps and supervise. I WANT to help her and I WANT her to take it easy and rest. Shit Ė I feel like every trip down those stairs takes off 15 minutes of her life and we only have about six months left to begin with. But nevertheless I had to very firmly tell her that I didnít want her down there and could she please go back upstairs and I would handle the laundry. So today, my dad drags me into his office and tells me all pissily that he doesnít want me to argue with my mother (who neglected to tell him that I was arguing with her for HER OWN GOOD). I explained that I would continue to argue with her until she let me do the goddamn laundry and that I donít want her to do the goddamn laundry and that she should just let us do the things we can do for her. Then he understood. Sometimes I wish that I had been born in the jungle and raised by apes, but then Iíd probably be arguing with my gorilla-mom about picking bugs off her aging back or something.

Today Iím going to take my mom for her radiation treatment so I have to leave early, ergo I have to put the nose to the grindstone and get me regular work finished so this will be it for the day.

Resolution Journal:
Weekend exercise: 1 hr. spin class on Friday, some short walks with the dog.
Friday dinner: I had a meatloaf sandwich.
Saturday brunch: Home fries, 2 sausage links, 2 scrambled eggs, coffee w/ milk.
Saturday dinner: We ate out at Green Zebra Ė a fancy-schmancy, modern, mostly vegetarian restaurant that serves small plates, so although itís going to sound like I pigged out, keep in mind the portions are petite: mozzarella salad, artichoke cassoulet, broiled skate wing, 1 glass of champagne, 2 of sauvignon blanc. Dessert looked surprisingly uninspiring, so we stopped at an Oberweis ice cream shop and I had a cookie dough blizzard-y thing.
Sunday brunch: pancakes, 2 Ĺ sausage links, grapefruit juice, coffee with steamed milk.
Sunday dinner: guacamole w/ chips, chili with a dollop of sour cream, some chocolate with nuts in it, 1 beer.
Breakfast today: coffee w/ milk, lite yogurt.
Reading: I finished the Jodi Picoult book Ė it was OK. She always throws in a twist at the end that helps to wrap up everything in the book into a neat little package. I started The Ghost Orchid, and although Iím not enjoying it as much as Carol Goodmanís other books itís still pretty good Ė good enough for me to have plowed through the first half last night during the StuporBowl.

10:59 a.m. - 2006-02-06


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