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Wig out!

What a crazy few days it’s been. First off, let me assure my one regular reader that everything is still OK – not great, but OK. I realized as I was laying in bed that I skipped two updates in a row and while that used to not be anything shocking, since I’ve recently been regular with my 5X/week updates it might concern those folk who read and know about what’s going on with my mom. Rest assured that the only reason I haven’t updated is because I took a day off to go to my state board meeting and then yesterday I left at noon to take my mom to run some errands.

On Wednesday after my board meeting I had some time to kill before my evening plans so I spent about an hour at Nordstrom Rack trying on shoes. I love going there because I can try on shoes to my heart’s content without bothering a salesperson, and since I prefer my shoes to have ‘character’ it doesn’t bother me one bit that many of the shoes there are a little on the strange side. My favorites for the day were a sporty pair of red knee high Lacoste boots with a kitten heel, a real pair of Pucci rubber boots, a pair of brown suede boots with a lace that wound around the calf, and a pair of Stuart Weitzman heels that were made of flexible clear vinyl and had clear Lucite heels with crystals imbedded in them – totally Cinderella shoes. I refrained from buying anything there, but them made the mistake of walking over to the big Marshall Field’s on State Street where I tried on a prefect pair of black boots from the 9 West Studio line that had been marked down from $220 to $60 – how could I pass them up? I indulged. Thank god Steve wasn’t home when I brought them in – especially since he was with me over the weekend when we stopped into a Marshall’s where I bought two completely ridiculous pairs of shoes because they were on the clearance rack: a pair of pink tweed completely flat mules with a pink bow, and a pair of teal velvet BCBG Girls mules with a small heel. Don’t judge – they were only $16 a pair and eventually I might have the perfect outfit to go with them. I think in the past two weeks I’ve bought seven pairs of shoes. Hello, my name is Paula and I have a shoe addiction. After the shoe binge, I met my friend Barbara for our quarterly drinks at The Motel Bar – a new-ish hipster hangout. They have a fun drink menu of all the traditional drinks – Tom Collins, Harvey Wallbanger, Singapore Sling – you get the idea. They also have the best grilled cheese sandwich outside of my mom’s kitchen and they serve it with a little cup of tangy tomato soup. Kind of twee but it hooked me right in. The bar is a great place for weeknight drinks and conversation. I imagine that on weekend it might get a bit crowded and the jerky cooler-than-thou quotient probably goes up, but we found our Wednesday night outing to be more than satisfactory. For once I didn’t overindulge on the drinkies (Barbara is very persuasive and often leads me astray – not that I need much leading) so I actually felt OK Thursday morning.

Yesterday I took my mom to get her hair cut. It’s all starting to fall out and she’s very self-conscious. Her stylist is a doll though and got a little choked up when my mom was explaining to her about the hair loss and she did what she could with what hair is left. It really is coming out fast though – it’s amazing. We went from the salon to the grocery store so my mom could do some shopping, and then we went to a place where she could buy a couple of crocheted caps and a wig. The store caters mostly to orthodox Jewish women – I could be wrong about this but I think that they are not supposed to have their real hair exposed so they either wear hats or wigs (which seems to be cheating because you’re exposing hair – just not your own) and they have an amazing selection of every kind of hat you can think of and an entire wall of wigs. We actually had a pretty good time trying on the wigs – some of them were pretty goofy and none of them were in the right color. It’s like test-driving a car – you check out what’s in the showroom and if they don’t have what you want in stock they order it for you. We chose a short wig that my mom said was comfortable and light and I helped to pick out a grey that was a perfect match for her real hair color. It should be in early next week and I can pick it up for her.

My brother and his family are in town from El Paso because my dad’s 80th birthday is over the weekend and we had a big party planned before the whole cancer thing. Now we’ve pared it down to just a family dinner. I’m totally freaked out that it’s going to be a major cryfest. I’ve been managing to hold my shit together - I know, I know – I should just let it out and I do sometimes – but I just know that this is going to be a very emotional dinner. I better stock up on Kleenex purse packs. Shit – I should buy stock in Kleenex with the way I’m going through the purse packs (although I must admit that I prefer to use Sniff). It’s weird the way different people handle the same situation. My brother from El Paso has been great – he came up here for a week and even extended his stay when he found out my mom would be released from the hospital. He calls her every couple of days and I know if he were up here he would be visiting my mom regularly and his wife would be helping out however she could. I see my mom every few days when I take her to treatments and run errands and I stay with her for an hour or so after until my dad gets home so I can spend time with her. My oldest brother? Nada. He visited at the hospital once and hasn’t called either. I ratted him out to my dad today because I think he should be visiting more. I hope he leaves me out of it when he rips my bro a new one – my dad looked pretty steamed when I told him that my mom mentioned that she hasn’t seen him. I think he should be going because the time we have when she’s ‘with it’ is limited and he’s going to be kicking himself if he doesn’t go now. Apparently he thinks it will ‘be all weird’ and he doesn’t know what to say to her, but he really doesn’t need to worry – she doesn’t want to talk about the cancer – she just wants to hear about what we’re all doing and regular stuff.

OK – that’s a long enough entry to more than make up for the missed two days. By the way – a little birdie clued me in to the presence of snow in Green Bay! Looks like the sleigh ride next weekend is ON!

Resolution Diary:
I’m not going to recap my meals for the lost time but I can say that I ate and drank some stuff that wasn’t exactly ‘dietetic’. Among my transgressions: a donut at my board meeting, 4 champagne Bellinis, potato chips (as much as I hate the idea, I’m going to have to stop eating them because bad, bad things happen to my digestive system when I do), and 2 huge chicken fingers.
So, starting with dinner last night: egg salad sandwich and ½ twice baked potato, 1 glass red wine, small slice of Oberweis ice cream pie. I think we’ve finally got the fridge cleared out of all the leftovers and we can now go back to eating ‘normal’ food.
Breakfast today: small V8, lite yogurt.
Lunch: snack cup of cottage cheese, 2 rice cakes smeared with lo-fat peanut butter, small banana.
Snack: apple
Reading: I’ve given up on ‘Swimming’ for now– it just didn’t grab me – but I may pick it back up again in a few weeks. I finished ‘The Junk-Drawer….’ By John R. Powers and really enjoyed it. I’m about to start on ‘White Ghost Girls’ by Alice Greenway, which sounds kind of interesting. I have to go back and check out all my entries for this year because I’ve forgotten to keep count and I don’t know how for I’ve gotten on my quest to read (at least) 52 books this year.

2:36 p.m. - 2006-02-17


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