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Cold snap

What a weekend. Steve and I went out for dinner with Alli and Mike on Friday and it took for-evah. We ate at an upscale Mexican restaurant and it was very uncrowded (perhaps because Chicago was in a deep freeze which tends to keep people housebound) and the service was really slow. The food was outstanding – I loved everything I ate but for the love of god unless you’re in Spain or at a four-star French restaurant, a simple dinner with four decisive adults should not take 2 ½ hours. Plus the restaurant was freezing so as the evening grew longer we all started cocooning into our chairs to conserve heat. We got home, took the dog on the quickest walk ever (‘Ok, you peed? Good Matty! Now let’s go back inside.’) and went to bed to enjoy the mattress pad heater and let the cats crawl under the covers. Saturday I went to Maxine (my salon – not my stylist’s name) to get my hair re-highlighted and trimmed so that I would look fabulous for the Green Bay mini-con and for my Dad’s 80th b-day party. As usual I took the El because parking in the Loop would probably cost me a minimum of $25 for the time I spend at the salon. On the way home from the El I felt like I had to go to the bathroom – as in big potty – so I cruised into a nice little bookstore, asked for the key, took care of (big) business, bought three books in penance for my transgressions and left. This brings me to my product suggestion of the day. Yes, I understand that everybody poops, but most women would prefer to have it appear to the outside world that the only things to ever emerge from their buttal region are rose petals and spring breezes. Needless to say this is not what I produced on Saturday. I propose that Oust, the room spray people, make a purse sized version so that one could ‘freshen’ the bathroom before you leave, or in some cases, when you arrive and a stenchy residue is lingering from a previous occupant. This would be particularly nice for the one-holers where it can be painfully obvious who left the offending odor if there is a line waiting for the facilities.

Saturday night was my dad’s 80th birthday party which was kind of hard. My mom didn’t attend – she said she was tired, but I’m guessing she just wanted people to try and have a good time and she was concerned that her presence would make people overly emotional and lend a sad note to the party. Well, it didn’t stop me from having to leave the table and go to the ladies lounge with my sister-in-law to cry for about 20 minutes. Note to older lady who walked past: if you see two women crying and consoling each other in the ladies lounge you don’t need to ask what’s wrong and if you can help – we’re likely not upset because our steaks were overdone and you will look like a nosy-parker. One woman crying? Definitely ask – she may want you to get someone from her table or do something simple that a stranger could comfortably do. Two women? They’ve got it covered.

Sunday Steve went out to his parent’s house – their church was having a blood drive and he’s a willing and able donor. I hooked up with Alli for lunch and some shopping. I met her at a yoga studio where she was taking a pre-natal yoga class and I wound up talking to a woman who is teaching a three-session intro to belly dancing class. Of course I signed up! You’ve got to love it when you get an aerobic benefit and a self-esteem boost because as the instructor put it, “Those little stick women? They just don’t have the natural equipment to shake it.” I think I convinced Alli to sign up too – it’s supposed to have great benefits for expecting moms. Later, we got our swag shopping done – nothing too exciting, but it’s fun. Now I just have got to get the swag CD finished – I have to budget the time to make 50 copies of it so I need to GET. ON. THE. STICK. NOW!

Resolution Diary:
Friday Dinner: 1/2 pork carnitas appetizer, roast pork in mole sauce with black beans and tortillas, ice cream, 2 Negro Modelo beers. Why yes, we did go out for Mexican.
Saturday breakfast: mini turkey sandwich from *Bux – not your normal breakfast but it was on the way to the hair salon and I didn’t want a pastry and their bagels are godawful.
Saturday lunch: egg salad sandwich – yes, it’s finally ALL gone, and a Milky Way Easter egg for dessert.
Saturday dinner: this was my dad’s b-day party dinner. I split a smoked salmon appetizer with Steve, had a salad with 1000 Island dressing (naughty!) and a roll, then I had a potato crusted chicken breast (ate 2/3) that came with green beans and surprisingly bad rice pilaf of which I ate only a couple of bites. I had a glass of wine, but no dessert.
On to Sunday – not my best day, although that seems to be a trend on weekends:
Sunday breakfast: my leftover pasta w/ sundried tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms from Valentine’s Day.
Sunday lunch: turkey panini with chips, 2 grapefruit Izzi drinks, 2/3 of a cupcake.
Snack: hot chocolate at Vosges Chocolate – my god I’ve found heaven.
Sunday dinner: meat ravioli with vodka sauce, some bread and a salad, ½ glass of wine (I bit my lip and the wine was making it sting) and a slice of Oberweis ice cream pie.
Breakfast today: small V8, lite yogurt.
Lunch: 1 packet tuna, 6 ryecrisps, an apple.
Snack: medium banana.
Watched: Panic Room – pretty good, and Murder by Numbers –stinkeroo.
Reading: still White Ghost Girls because I left it under my desk at work over the weekend, but I did start another book at home.

12:58 p.m. - 2006-02-20


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