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Steve had an appointment with the periodontist yesterday. This is an appointment that he probably should have made about three years ago, but he just kept putting it off until his gums got so sensitive that he had to bite the bullet. I called him when I was on the way home to see how it went and he told me that apparently he has some pretty severe gum erosion so the doc recommended some sort of gum grafting procedure. From there the conversation went like this:

Me: “So….. that’s really going to hurt. From where in your mouth do the remove the tissue to graft on to your gums?”

Steve: “Well, usually from your soft palate, but there’s some new procedure that he wants to do that uses donated tissue.”

Me: “Like from dead people?”

Steve: “I guess.”

Me: “EWWWW! I can never kiss you again – you’ll have dead-people mouth!”

Steve: “Thanks. I already feel really good about this.”

Later that night…..

Steve: “Maybe the tissue isn’t from dead people.”

Me: “ Who would willingly donate their own gum tissue? I guess it could be like in Victorian times where the incredibly poor would sell body parts to the rich. Or maybe it’s like that episode of Numb3rs we just saw – maybe it’s tissue from people from poor villages in India.”

Steve: “I doubt that.”

Me: “But think about it – maybe if you got gum tissue from an Indian person you’d start talking like Apu from The Simpsons! How funny would that be! Bwahahahahaha!”

This morning…..

Steve is reading from the pamphlet “Frequently Asked Questions About Your Gum Procedure” …….

Steve: “Hmmm… they cover how much it will cost - it will vary, be sure to discuss this with your doctor. That’s dodging the question a bit. They also cover what will happen during the surgery and how long it will take……”

Me: “Do they mention anything about where the tissue comes from? Because that would be my very first question.”

Steve: “Um… they say it’s donated and that they do something to remove all cellular components, so I guess it’s cleaned up or something.”

Me: “ Well I hope it would be cleaned up…..Hey! Does this mean in like a year we’ll get to go to some sort of thank you party where we get to meet the family of the dead person and thank them for saving your gums?”

Steve: “I doubt it.”

Me: “We should totally get to go if they have a party like that.”

That’s me – I never like to miss a party.

Resolution Diary:
Exercise yesterday: spin class
Breakfast: small V8, lite yogurt
Lunch: packet of tuna, 6 ryecrisps, small banana
Snack: apple
Reading: ‘All I’m Cracked up to Be’ by Jen Trynin

9:52 a.m. - 2006-02-22


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