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Iím off to Green Bay for the Weetapie Con. Allison and I are headed up early so we can hit Gurnee Mills outlet mall on the way up (Iíll try to not buy shoes, but I canít promise anything) and have a spa day tomorrow where Iím looking forward to a hot stone massage, a Povonia facial, and a pedicure. Iíll be back next week and Iím going to try to post some pictures, but donít expect too much from this luddite.

So hey, now that Iíve ponied up the $$ to Andrew at Diaryland to go Gold, I added a stats tracker to my site. It would seem that perhaps there is more than one of you out there Ė not many more, but perhaps more than one reader. Donít be shy Ė Iím too much of a technophobe to take advantage of the SuperGold membership benefits so I donít have comments installed- so feel free to send me a note or an e-mail. And if a stats tracker might somehow scare you away, keep in mind that, again, I am a luddite and I donít know the first thing about reading the ip addresses that are there Ė I only use the tracker to see if anyone is out there. And donít forget my earlier proclimation Ė I heart memes! Send me your memes Ė your tired and hungry memes! I am totally one of those dorks who fills out the friendster/my space type surveys and sends them back in when my friends e-mail them to me (except the one I got today from Tam Ė geez! It has over 60 questions!).

While Iím gone Steve will be installing the new-to-us cabinets in the downstairs kitchen so hopefully Iíll come home to a new kitchen Ė it will be much nicer than the old school science lab cabinets that are in there now. Thatís right Ė school science lab. Steveís uncle was a school superintendent and he used to hook us up with discards and thatís how we wound up with a kitchen full of slightly water damaged, 50ís style, veneer cabinets. Sure they worked, but Iím looking forward to a more modern cleaner look and also cabinets that wonít reach out and snag my tights when I walk past them. Keep your fingers crossed that Steve stays motivated and finishes the task!

See you next week!

Resolution Diary:
Exercise: running around like a maniac doing errands, housework, and burning swag CDís until 1am.
Dinner last night: leftover tuna casserole, bread, broccoli, 1 glass red wine, Milky Way egg for dessert.
Breakfast: bagel with vegetable cream cheese spread.
Lunch: Campbellís Select Creamy Portobello soup, 3 ryecrisps.
Snack: 2 clementines
Reading: I have a bit of ĎAll Iím Cracked Up to Beí to finish.

Um Ė I canít imagine that come Monday Iíll be able (or want to) remember what I ate over the weekend. Likely it will be a situation of me conveniently Ďforgettingí what I ate, so donít expect to see this section on Monday with a recap of all the crap I ingested Ė it would just be embarrassing.

3:02 p.m. - 2006-02-23


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