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Back in Black

I’m back from Green Bay – I made it in one piece and also got Alli and The Bump back safe and sound too. What can I say – this year I did it all (except the karaoke on Friday night because I’m just not a Karaoke gal and I knew that I wanted to spend my limited bar hours at the Bad Bar). Here’s how it all shook out:

Thursday: Alli and I headed out after work and hit the road. We were making such great time that we decided to stop at Gurnee Mills outlet mall so that she could stock up at a maternity outlet and we could eat dinner. She spent $300 and managed to get two large bags filled with basics that should help her get through the next 4-5 months in some semblance of style. I popped into Off 5th, the Saks outlet, and bought 2 cashmere sweaters and 2 pairs of great fitting pants. We ate at the Rainforest Café because the other food court options were sketchy at best – I didn’t want to chance intestinal wrath by eating a crappy meal at ‘China Kitchen’ or ‘Japan Café’, nor did I want to start out what would certainly prove to be a weekend of high-cal food by diving right in at McDonald’s. I don’t know if Rainforest café was any better nutritionally, but the food was OK – just OK. I found the animatronic gorillas to be most disconcerting and off-putting. I don’t like to be stared at while I eat even if it is just a bunch of plastic and fake fur. We hit the road again and made it up to GB about 11:30 where we checked into our extra-nice suite at the St. Brendan’s and were asleep by midnight.

Friday: we rose early to take advantage of the made-to-order omelets for breakfast and then we headed to The Day Spa (Best. Spa. Ever. No shit.) for our appointments. It was 2:30 when we left – time flies when you have a team of people making sure you are relaxed, well moisturized, and primped. We stopped for a quick lunch at a diner that makes its own yummy sandwich bread and hustled back to the hotel to officially check in for the ‘Con and to shower off some of the massage oil. We saw The Jason at check in and he was his usual charming and helpful self. Outside my door I was surprised by a lovely spring bouquet that Steve had delivered to my room for my birthday (he had it delivered – he didn’t drive up himself because he was busy remodeling the kitchen) – I have the best husband. We showered and dressed and ran back down to get on the bus for the sleigh ride. Again – fabulous! I made sure to get on the sleigh driven by Mr. Cowboy Hottness because although I am a taken woman, I enjoy a nice view as much as the next person. This year we had two sleighs AND a bonfire midride. The post-ride buffet was amazing – Weet’s in-laws used their innate Wisconsin homestyle hospitality and put out a spread that would feed an army (or 30 hungry sleigh-ers). We boarded the bus back to the hotel where Alli and I decided that we’d had enough fun for one night and we turned in early, skipping what was surely a memorable night of karaoke.

Saturday: Alli and I had breakfast with Biensoul and Christopher – it was nice to get a chance to talk to her and meet her man – we talked about our various household menageries and life in our respective cities. We retired to our room (just Alli and I) for a couple of hours of digestive rest before meeting in the lobby to go to Joe Rouer’s Bar for High Maintenance Hamburgers. We gave Mike and Sarah a lift and – again – meeting new people is great! In a small-world scenerio, it turns out that Sarah knows one of Alli’s husband’s college buddies AND my cousin-in-law. After lunch Alli and I hit Sassy Girl, a GB accessory emporium, and a few Weet-approved antique shops where I scored two sterling charm bracelets with some nice charms on them for a bargain price – Frugal Classic indeed! I got us back to the hotel in time for Alli to take a nap before we met up to go Titletown Brewery for a fortifying $10+ dinner. We drove ScienceGirl and her Mister – offering rides = meeting nice people. From dinner we headed to…….the Bad Bar. I kept my drinking to a bare minimum (no, really I did. I only had a few sips of Boone’s Farm and a sip of Mike’s sour vodka gimlet) so that Alli wouldn’t get stuck taking care of a sloppy drunk. Since I wasn’t drunk I have no excuses other than an overinflated sense of joie de vivre to explain why I was topless with Betty BigHead in front of the photo machine within a half hour of my arrival. I hopped up on the window ledge pretty early too – I knew that with The Bump (since we know it’s a girl I guess it’s really The Bumpette) Alli’s time at the bar would be limited so I wanted to fully experience all it had to offer. Yeah… that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Sunday: We ate breakfast with Betty BigHead (my god she looks great!), Mr. Betty, and Sarah at our table, but most of the rest of the attendees filtered down at some point or another to say goodbyes. The car was just about loaded up when Weet noticed my glasses and rushed me like the eyewear pimp she is up to Mare’s room where I bought 3 pairs of Jai Kudo frames for rock bottom prices (Mare is their Canadian distributor). It was like a parting gift – I was just thinking that it was time to get new frames and BAM! There they are! The drive home was uneventful and quick and I made it home in plenty of time to see the kitchen progress and walk to my belly dance class. More on THAT tomorrow. And more ‘Con stuff too because this was just the merest of overviews.

Resolution Diary:
Weekend Exercise: 1 ½ hr. belly dance class on Sunday. Much ass-shakin’ on Saturday at the Bad Bar.
Weekend Eats: Well I figured I wouldn’t remember everything I stuffed into my mouth, but here’s some of the things I do remember (individual meals separated by semi-colons): nachos and a ½ cheeseburger at Rainforest Café, plus some chips; omelet & toast; toasted cheese sandwich with tomato & bacon; booyah, ½ Bratwurst, cheese curds & sausage nibs, more chips, ½ frosted brownie, hot chocolate with peppermint schnaps, 2 or 3 swigs of the Doctor; yogurt & fruit (don’t be so shocked – Wisconsin’s not ALL about the bad-for-you food); cup of pea soup, 2 Joe Rouer’s cheeseburgers, various fried appetizer things, root beer; salad, ½ open-faced buffalo burger, small cup of pasta salad, more root beer; 2 fried eggs, 1 pc. rye toast, 3 strips bacon; small Concrete Oreo shake from Culver’s; broiled tilapia sandwich w/ cheese, 1 beer, a handful of tortilla chips & salsa, Milky Way egg. Gah. When you look at it THAT way, that’s a lot of food.
Breakfast today: 4 sticks of string cheese
Lunch: 2 Clementine tangerines, banana. I am craving fruit – must be some sort of revolt after the greasefest that was this weekend.
Snack: none – does gum count?
Reading: Finished “All I’m Cracked Up to Be”, started “Jesus Land”. Apparently I’m in a memoir phase.

4:19 p.m. - 2006-02-27


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