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The Dress

I’m settling back in at home after my foray to the great white Green Bay. It’s too bad that I had to sleep because there were so many people that I either didn’t get to meet or would have liked to spend more time with. Chauffi? I want to shop with this man – we could really do some damage. And? Where was your aubergine velvet blazer that you wore to Fogo? So touchable…. JenTrance looked so pretty and happy – when she complimented my swag CD it was like I was back in grade school having one of the cool kids give me props I was so filled with The Pride. Mare – the frames pusher. What can I say? She’s like the popular girl who isn’t snooty – the one from high school who everyone likes and wants to come to their party because it isn’t a party without Mare. Amalia – tall and willowy with the haircut I’ve always wanted but don’t have the balls to get. Ah well…. there’s always next year. To meet more people at Weetacon that is – I can’t forsee me getting the cute, short, alterna-girl haircut anytime soon.

So, I don’t think you’ll be seeing me on posters at your local Middle Eastern restaurant anytime soon as the belly-dancing entertainment. I’ve got the goods to shake, but I’m having a little trouble isolating the necessary areas to shimmy. But, the belly-dancing class is a riot and it is great exercise – very good for the core muscles. It’s also nice to see the little stick girls try to shake their money-makers and they can only come up with about a nickel. There is one girl in the class and it’s so great to see her – she’s what would be generally referred to as a big girl (she is blessed in that it’s a very even big) – but when she dances it’s like magic. She gets the beats of the music and she can isolate her hips and shoulders and it all flows and it is so sexy. Take that you marathon running, no hipped, lolly-pop headed chick with the tight workout pants and the tiny tank-top.

I went over to my parent’s house last night to visit with my mom and to bring over some fruit. I looked at my mom and she looks so tiny and vulnerable with her patchy little crew-cut hair. It reminded me of something. My mom is not a saver – if something sits around and doesn’t get used, eaten, worn, read – whatever – it gets thrown out or donated. But there are always a few things that seem to keep their space. When my mom married my dad she weighed 103 lbs. I’ve seen pictures – she was a hottie. She has this one dress from back in the day – it’s perfectly Audrey Hepburn. A little black sheath of the plushest black velvet you’ve ever felt. It nips in at the waist and makes you look like an hourglass (I know because back in high school and college I could actually fit into it). Around the bottom is a fluffy strip of black fox fur (yeah, yeah, this was from waaaay before PETA). The whole thing hits right at knee level with a tiny slit in back that keeps the wearer from being completely hobbled. Wearing this dress makes men weak at their knees – I can only imagine how great it looked on my mom. Since I can remember, there was no way that my mom would have fit into this dress. Three kids, middle age and good (actually great) cooking got in the way of the zipper making it’s way to the top of the dress – and this is the old fashioned kind of silk velvet from before lycra or spandex were invented to impart a little forgiving stretch. Whenever I would borrow the dress, or loan it to a skinny friend it always came with the whimsical warning to, “just take care of it – you know I want to be buried in that dress.” At the time it seemed funny – my mom was healthy and even if she sucked it in the zipper wouldn’t have budged. Now that the reality of her fitting into the dress – for so many reasons – is here, it makes me sad.

Ok, that’s enough. I’m getting all verklempt here and I’m trying to stick to the No Crying at Work motto.

Resolution Diary:
Dinner yesterday: pork roast, ½ twice baked potato, patty-pan squash (there is a limit to the amount of broccoli I am willing to eat and apparently I have reached it), 1 glass of red wine, Milky Way egg. May I give the Milky Way egg a tout? It’s smaller than a regular full size bar but because of the domed top there seems to be extra caramel. They’re available now through Easter so stock up! Target sells them in convenient three packs. I bet they freeze well.
Breakfast: lite yogurt, small V8.
Snack: 5 pieces of string cheese – all gone now.
Lunch: Campbell’s Select butternut squash soup, 4 saltines, 3 clementines.
Snack: banana.
Reading: Jesus Land by Julia Scheeres – truly a fascinating memoir. Think your parents were sucky? Just read this book and you’ll thank your lucky stars for what you have.

2:09 p.m. - 2006-02-28


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