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More bad news

More bad news. My mom had to go back into the hospital last night – she was having some fluttery heart palpitations that were, in turn, causing shortness of breath. I went to visit her at the hospital this morning and she looks OK. Not great, but OK. No word on when she’ll be released though, and they have her hooked up to about a thousand different machines – thank god we all have good health care insurance and a fantastic hospital nearby.

This past weekend was busy – lots of stuff going on. I went Orienteering with Steve and Megan and actually managed to jog the just about the entire 3.7 kilometers – I guess muscle memory goes back farther than I thought. I also did some archery over the weekend with Megan. We haven’t been at the range for almost a year and it was quite a shock to see the changes they’ve made. They put in a range on the first floor and turned one of the ranges upstairs into a studio apartment (something about how it changes his tax base from commercial to residential and lowers is a ton). We shot downstairs and I got tons of pointers – I was actually doing a number of things totally wrong, which figures and explains why I plateau-ed at a low point and couldn’t seem to get any better. They recommended a lesson with their pro and I think I might try that after I mess around on my own for a few weeks.

That’s all for today – I’m shopping with the ‘bix tonight so I have to conserve energy.

Resolution Diary:
Weekend exercise: quite a departure from my usually sit-on-my-butt weekend behaviour. Saturday I practiced archery for about an hour and then came home and scrubbed the house down – I figure housework counts if you work up a sweat. Sunday I – gasp – ran for 3.7 km when I went Orienteering with Megan and Steve. Then I had my 1 ½ hour belly-dance class in the evening – my core muscles are absolutely screaming today.
Friday dinner: an appetizer-y ‘salad’ consisting of frisee, an artichoke bottom, and crab meat (my new favorite salad), BBQ pork roast with a few brussel sprouts and some sort of corn/potato side dish, ½ an espresso crème brulee, 1 martini (3 olives), 1/3 bottle of red wine, 1 glass of port. Urrrrrp. Excuse me – did I just burp?
Saturday breakfast: 2 mini scones – and I mean very mini – they were bite sized.
Saturday lunch: diet Coke and a Jimmy John’s vegetarian sandwich (no mayo)
Saturday dinner: Take away Persian food – a strip of chicken koubideh, dilled rice, grilled veggies, a beer.
Sunday breakfast: ¾ of a tomato/cheddar/bacon omelet, 2 slices rye toast w/ butter and jelly, tomato juice.
Sunday dinner: guacamole and chips, a beer. I guess the omelet stuck with me through the day.
Breakfast today: slice of date-nut bread, strawberry Greek yogurt.
Lunch: 1 packet tuna, 3 large grainy crackers, small orange.
Snack: apple.
Reading: I’m still hanging in there with ‘The Cliffs of Despair’ despite it’s grim subject and not-so-great writing style (not focused enough), but I also started ‘How to Kill a Rock-Star’ that my friend Tam lent me and I cannot put it down – recommended for anyone with an interest in the indie music scene or a secret love of pale, skinny, romantic, rock boys.

4:43 p.m. - 2006-03-06


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