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Worse and worser

My mom is still in the hospital Ė looks like this might be it. There are new complications that canít be fixed due to other problems - treating them would make the existing problems worse. Bah. My Dad wants me to go with him today to the hospital for a meeting with the Hospice people about Ďlongí term care options. Basically she canít come home from the hospital because she canít be left alone. That should be a cheery meeting. I had pretty much come to terms with whatís going on now, but each new step sends me over another emotional cliff. Like I keep saying, I have great friends who are helping to distract me from whatís going on and being a shoulder for me to cry on.

I had a blast shopping with < a href=>Weetabix last night. The shopping karma wasnít entirely Ďoní last night, but I did buy 2 more pairs of shoes. Just. Shut. Up. Shoes make me feel better. I bought one pair of vaguely 40ís style brown Mary-Janes with a flat heel that will allow me to throw out a similar pair of Born shoes that look a little too much like earth shoes, and one pair of totally over the top Beverly Feldman shoes (like the picture, but mine were in black). Donít gasp at the price Ė I bought them at Off 5th, so they were reduced drastically to begin with and then I had a 15% off coupon to bring the price down even more. I have no idea when Iíll wear them, Steve hated them (as I knew he would), but they called to me. It didnít hurt that Weet said it looked like my feet won an Oscar. Tonight weíre meeting at the Crate & Barrel outlet in Chicago for more shopping. I love it when Weet comes to town!

Sorry Ė another shortie because I have to leave early. But, if you are the person who found my Diary by searching on Google for "Dave Wakeling cute", welcome! He was a cutie, wasn't he? He was the highlight of my first Nike Run Hit Wonder 5K - I just about peed myself because I was only 5 feet away from him and he was singing Mirror in the Bathroom. Dreamy.

Resolution Diary:
Exercise yesterday: I did do some walking around with Weetabix at the mall, but I donít really think that counts, so nada for yesterday. Iím thinking about taking up running again. Yes, I sucked, but itís practically free (since I already own all the accoutrements) and it can be done almost anywhere/time. Plus it might remove some of the residue around my hip area. Iíd like to be able to actually run the Nike Run Hit Wonder this year (unless the bands are better then Iíd stop and listen).
Dinner yesterday: one slice of sourdough bread w/ butter, 7/8 of a CPK Sante Fe Chicken pizza, one Corona.
Breakfast: Greek yogurt w/ honey.
Snack: 3 Hersheyís cherry kisses
Lunch: Campbellís Portobello soup, plain bagel, orange.
Snack: an apple
Reading: ĎHow to Kill a Rock Starí by Tiffanie DeBartolo. I am totally obsessed with this book Ė so much so that I ordered her two other books. Normally that would be no big deal, but her first book from 2002 is out of print and sells for around $100 on Amazon from resellers. But, with some careful checking I found another source in London (?!?!?) who had it for $20 ($, not Euros or Pounds) including shipping. Better be a good one.

2:00 p.m. - 2006-03-07


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