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Sorry another shortie today. Not much to write about. Tomorrow I get the shitty, shitty job of going to long-term care facilities with my dad to check them out and make sure that they are a place you would put your mother/wife and feel, if not good, at least OK about it. But let me stress this in case you think were trying to just put her somewhere out of convenience this is how she wants it. My dad certainly has the money to pay for 24-hour nursing care at home, but what she has requested is to go to a quiet place where she can rest. It turns out that were not quite ready for the Hospice folks yet shes still under a doctors care but that time is most likely soon. Im going to go visit her tonight on my way home.

I have a question about shrinks. Does anyone think it might be advisable to go see one? Im not sure they could do much more for me than what I get out of hysterically sobbing in the shower, but if someone has had a good experience, for the love of god please let me know Im almost willing to try anything.

Resolution Diary:
Exercise yesterday: again with the shopping, which (again) doesnt count. Today Im back on the wagon. Its warming up here in Chicago and may even hit the low 60s by this weekend, so maybe Ill venture out and try to jog a bit.
Dinner yesterday: way too many chips n salsa, 2 Coronas, chicken flautas, Spanish rice, one forkful of beans not my kind of beans. Something in this meal is killing my digestive system I have Uncle Julios Revenge if you get my drift.
Breakfast: Strawberry Greek yogurt
Lunch: 1 packet of tuna, plain bagel, orange, diet Coke with lime
Snack: apple
Reading: still How to Kill a Rock Star I so desperately want this book to last, but at the same time I cant put it down. Its long for a puff novel over 400 pages so I still have about half to get through. I wish, just for one day back in my dating days - that I could be Eliza Caellum and have two beautiful rock-boys writing romantic songs for/about me. Oh. My. God. Spoiler ahead: Ive been sneaking the book at work and when Tam lent it to me she neglected to mention that when I got close to the end I should NOT be in public because I would likely make a scene a big crybaby scene. OK, I just finished the book whew! What a rollercoaster ride but a really, really good one. I cant wait until her other two books show up.

4:27 p.m. - 2006-03-08


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