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Showgirl Shoes! Now coming to a dog-walker near you!

I had a good visit with my mom last night - she seemed pretty alert. The metastases on her brain are bleeding a bit and it makes her a little cranky and a little forgetful/spacey. We watched part of American Idol together - I’m probably the only person in America who, before last night, hadn’t seen one moment of this show. I thought the geeky 16 year-old guy was a cutie-pie – I would have thought he was totally hot back when I was in high-school.

I’m so thankful for the readers who sent me information about finding a professional to help me with some therapy/grief counseling. I’m going to poke around a bit and see what my insurance people would cover and if there’s a teaching hospital around me that might offer services. When the time comes, I plan to lean on the Hospice folks pretty hard because I imagine that they are experts in this field.

The shoes of awesomeness? I, uh, koff, koff…… for the nice reader who asked, I managed to get the price down to $84. Still a bit spendy, butI love them. I can’t quite think of anywhere to wear them yet, so I think I’ll just start wearing them when I walk the dog. Hell – they’re so awesome I should just wear them all the time, but since there is a factory involved where I work and I do occasionally have to walk through it I don’t think open-toed, high-heeled sandals at work would be a good idea. Plus the guys in the shop would probably stare too long and cut off a finger or something. Then I’d have to refer to them not as my Vegas showgirl shoes, but as my OSHA shoes. I did join The International Museum of Surgical Science as a Director’s Circle member (only $100 – not as big of a deal as it sounds), so maybe I’ll get invited to one of their bizarre-o art openings and I can wear them to that. Sexy rhinestone encrusted high-heels would totally liven up the exhibits on amputation during the Civil War and photo galleries showing the outdated methods of fixing bowleggedness (think of a device called a ‘bone-crusher’ – no wait – don’t or you’ll feel all queasy). Why did I join that museum, you ask? Well, I took Steve there back in the fall on a lark and although it kind of grossed out we were also sort of fascinated. Plus they have rotating exhibits of medically themed art that are pretty cool. Apparently my Great Aunt worked there as an executive secretary for a number of years back in the 1960’s so, you know, there’s a family connection of sorts.

So, I think it’s time for me to invest in a new computer for home use. I have an iBook at home that I love but it’s slow and a bit antiquated. Megan sneaked it into work for me a year or two ago and had their Apple tech, Noel, do a bunch of upgrades. I asked her if she could do that again, but she was fairly certain that even what Noel had done was sort of pushing the limits of what my iBook could handle. I want to stay Mac, but I’m thinking of getting a desktop model instead of another laptop. The only reason I got the iBook in the first place was portability - I could tote it with me on trips for ‘net access and to watch DVD’s. I can still do that with the one I have (plus I can move the laptop into the living room then and surf as I watch tv or movies), so maybe it’s time for a regular model. I dunno – I’ll consult Megan – she’s the tech guru and I bet only minimal arm twisting would be involved to get her to go over to an Apple store with me. What’s really driving this is that Steve bought me the Complete New Yorker on disc for X-Mas and my operating system if too lame to handle it. I realize that this isn’t the best reason to go shopping for a new computer but, eh, it’s time anyway.

Resolution Diary:
Exercise yesterday: 1 hr. spin class.
Dinner yesterday: leftover Persian food – a beef kabob thingy and some dilled rice – 1 ˝ glasses of red wine, Milky Way egg.
Breakfast: strawberry Greek yogurt
Lunch: plain bagel, packet of tuna, orange.
Dinner: since we’re having a guest (just Alli – her husband is out of town) I know what we’re having: sautéed chicken breasts, rice pilaf, patty-pan squash, red wine (just for me & Steve – Alli, being preggers, must refrain), and Oberweis ice cream pie (scroll down to look at the scrumptious cookie dough ice cream pie) for dessert.
Reading: back to ‘Cliffs of Despair’ – since I coughed up the full hardcover price I really should make the effort to finish it.

12:28 p.m. - 2006-03-09


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