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Today was a momentous day at the House of Technophobes. I bought a new computer. My two technical gurus both independently recommended the same Mac to me so I figured they know me well and wouldn’t steer me wrong. Plus they both told me that my laptop was old enough to be considered a glorified paperweight. The new one should arrive next week. Now don’t go expecting some sort of souped-up journal template or embedded pictures or anything like that – those sorts of things require actual technical knowledge. In fact, if it weren’t for the fabulous Ms. ‘Bix I wouldn’t even know how to add in links.

Speaking of links, go check out Mike’s journal for a most excellent rhyming description of the Weetapie Con sleigh ride. True talent at work!

Last night Alli came over for dinner. She’s about five months into her pregnancy and she’s really starting to show. It’s weird. I mean, I’ve known other people who have been pregnant but no-one as close to me as Alli. She lifted up her shirt and showed me her tummy at which point I realized that I could never, ever, EVER, have a baby. Yeah, I know – women have been doing it for millennia, my mom had three babies, women do it every day, blah….blah…blah… Well not this woman. Christ – I was hopping around the bathroom and moaning in pain sympathy when Steve was pouring peroxide on a cut last night – there’s no way I could deal with things like stitches down there by my Ya. Shudder. If I could be part of some sort of medical test where I could have a litter of puppies or kittens then sign me up, but I’ll pass on the wrinkly, pink, miniature Winston Churchill (someone once pointed out that all new babies look like him).

I’m taking the d.o.g. to the vet tomorrow. She’s not sick or anything, I just need to establish her as a client at my vet so they will sell me the prescription food that she needs to eat. I could keep going to her current doctor but the one time I was there to pick up a case of food I just didn’t get a good vibe from the office staff. Plus it’s easier if she goes to the same doctors as the cats. Tomorrow I want to get a guesstimate on how old she is. Is it completely awful to hope that she really is older than dirt and is in her sunset years with limited time left? I mean she’s easy as far as dogs go (in fact we refer to her as The UnDog) and she doesn’t bother the cats, but she is extra work and responsibility that I just do not have the time for right now (and Steve doesn’t particularly like dogs to begin with). Ugh – and I have to schedule Matty for the groomer again – her hair grows even faster than mine. I addition to looking shaggy she’s also getting a little smelly. I’d give her a bath in the tub but I’m afraid I’d get water in her ears and aggravate her chronic ear infections. I think I heard somewhere that you can stuff cotton into dog’s ears to help keep water from leaking in – is that true? I should know this – the shelter where I do volunteer work holds charity dog washes twice a year and in the 11 years I’ve been volunteering there I’ve probably washed over three hundred dogs – but honestly when we wash the dogs at the shelter it’s more of a quickie than an real bath and we don’t have time for pleasantries like cotton in their ears.

Resolution Diary
Exercise yesterday: 150 calories (15 minutes) on the elliptical trainer and a 1 hr. of pilates class.
Dinner yesterday: exactly as I planned except instead of the Oberweis ice cream pie we had a chocolate mousse pie that was very underwhelming. So underwhelming in fact that I may just throw away the leftovers, because why eat shitty cake?
Breakfast: cherry Greek yogurt – the cherry mix-in is very much like the chopped cherry jam that Weetabix loves.
Lunch: Campbell’s Golden Butternut Squash soup, 3 grainy crackers, 1 orange. I so desperately want to go out for a toasted tuna sub at my local independent sub shop, but I know I’m eating out tonight so I shouldn’t. Plus I have to go to Target at lunch and that’s in the opposite direction of the sub shop.
Snack: apple.
Reading: slogging through ‘The Cliffs of Despair’. Someday I’ll be finished with it.

4:29 p.m. - 2006-03-10


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