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The d.o.g had her vet check-up on Saturday and all is well, although the doc would like to see her gain about 4-5 pounds (she lost some weight when we first got her and she was too nervous to eat). She’s probably 12-13 years old and she has, literally, three teeth. I have been joking that she only had three teeth but little did I know I was telling the truth. I guess she must have tough gums because she doesn’t seem to have any trouble eating the mix of wet/dry dog food that she gets. She can also chomp down a Milkbone with the best of them. The lack of teeth would explain why she has to kind of lick her lips into place like an old person without dentures. Really, it’s kind of gross to dwell on so I’ll just be glad that she’s not a licker, think happy thoughts, and move on. I gave her a bath last night because she was getting a little smelly from the food debris that probably gets smeared on her face (reason number 8352 why cats are better than dogs? They rarely smell). I didn’t stuff cotton in her ears – I was just very careful when I was washing her face. Now she smells very nice, but I think she probably needs to go in for a clip soon because she’s getting a little shaggy and the longer her hair is on her belly the more mud she will pick up.

I swear my dad is the biggest bonehead in the world regarding anything to do with a household. Yes, the man started a successful business from scratch, he is a crack gin-runny player, he can finish the Sunday Tribune crossword puzzle, and he can expertly manage an investment portfolio, but he apparently cannot open the plastic clamshell container of mixed melon slices that I brought over for him. Gah. This kind of stuff drives me insane. I suppose I’m lucky that he didn’t get all frustrated and fling the fruit container against the wall as he is wont to do with things that he can’t figure out – then I’d have to go over to the house and clean sticky fruit juice from every crevice in the kitchen.

That’s all for today – I have to do some commission reports.

Resolution Diary:
Weekend exercise: 350 calories burned on the elliptical trainer, 2 miles briskly walked, 1 hr. of archery.
Friday dinner: same as last week – salad of frisee, artichoke bottom & crabmeat, grilled pork, corn hash, Brussels sprouts, creamy banana dessert. Martini, red wine, ˝ glass of port (why yes, I did get a little bombed).
Saturday breakfast: small cranberry scone
Saturday lunch: super-excellent salami sandwich w/ provolone & giardinera from a little Italian deli (oh my god – my mouth just started watering).
Saturday dinner: ravioli w/ vodka sauce, salad, 1 glass red wine, 2 lemon knot cookies.
Sunday breakfast: 3 sausage links, 2 pieces of toast w/ butter and blackberry jam.
Sunday snack: 2 glasses of wine – I was at a friend’s house and how could I turn down what was probably almost $80 worth of wine when I consider the price per bottle of what he was serving? I carpe diem when it comes to wine I couldn’t usually afford, but I do wish I had a piece or two of bread to line my stomach.
Sunday dinner: meatloaf sandwich, small baggie of goldfish crackers, 2 lemon knot cookies.
Breakfast: strawberry Greek yogurt
Lunch: 1 packet of tuna, 3 grainy crackers, orange
Snack: apple
Reading: I was a slug this weekend and didn’t even pick up ‘The Cliffs of Despair’. I did watch ‘Things to do in Denver When You’re Dead’ and ‘Junebug’. ‘Things’ was pretty good (and Andy Garcia provides nice eye candy), but ‘Junebug’ was one of those sort of irritating indie films where not much happens and nothing really gets resolved.

12:01 p.m. - 2006-03-13


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