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Notes from the gym

Is it possible the Lou Diamond Phillips could have gotten a 1970s-era Shaun Cassidy haircut? If so, I think he may have been visiting my gym. Or maybe it was his 1970s doppelganger.

I saw a co-ed yesterday with a pair of pink shortie shorts that had The Farm printed across her ass. Im against ass-printing in any form on any size ass, but this seemed like a particularly bad idea. I just imagined some drunk frat boy shouting, this little piggy wants to go to The Farm!!! in the heat of passion. Squick.

Maybe I have some sort of body dysmorphia maybe I look better than I think I do. Yesterday I only had time to hop on an elliptical trainer for about a half hour and I was wearing: tight-ish work-out capris (black w/ a blue stripe down the leg), a Nike sports bra with strappy x-straps (matching blue to the capri stripe) that showed under the black strappy cami that I had as a top layer. This is fairly revealing compared to the long-sleeved loose half-zip turtleneck workout tops and loose yoga pants Ive been wearing recently. About halfway thorough my workout one of my gym buddies walked by. Hes not really a buddy, but we recognize each other from around the gym. Truthfully, I dont know his name and Im sure he doesnt know mine, but I do know hes an Evanston cop and it behooves me to make sure he remembers me on sight in case he ever pulls me over for a traffic infraction. But anyway, the short conversation went like this:

Me: Hey! Havent seen you in awhile. How you doing?

Him: Me? Im fine. I can SEE youre fine.

So, maybe the working out is beginning to display some benefits.

I went to visit my mom last night. She was dozing when I went into her room but she woke up and we visited for awhile. Physically she is much, much better than the last time I saw her at the hospital. Mentally? Its sad to see, but that is where shes really starting to slip. This is a woman who was definitely a smart cookie she did the home repairs, managed a household budget and came out ahead every month. Now she cant seem to grasp the necessary concepts to get her tv remote to work and to change channels, and Im not talking about one of those giant deals with a thousand buttons this was a bare bones remote (although in her defense the buttons are pretty small). I did my best to help her and I think she may have gotten it, but Im still not so sure. I stopped in at a drugstore and bought her about 10 magazines and a Big Button universal remote that Im hoping will help and I plan on dropping that off tonight. Im having dinner with my dad tonight so I think we can stop and see my mom and drop off her things before we eat. I need to start scheduling a monthly massage, because with all of the running around and trying to manage: work, personal errands, errands for my parents, visiting my mom, the dog, the gym, friends, and time with my husband Im starting to get burned out.

Resolution Diary:
Exercise yesterday: 35 minutes/360 calories on the elliptical trainer.
Dinner yesterday: Lasagna, slice of bread, salad, Cadbury caramel egg, glass of red wine.
Breakfast: strawberry Greek yogurt.
Lunch: toasted cheese w/ tomato and bacon bits, cup of beef noodle soup, handful of potato chips.
Snack: apple
Reading: already finished God-Shaped Hole by Tiffanie DeBartolo. Loved it!

1:44 p.m. - 2006-03-15


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