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Dream a little dream with me

My dad and I visited my mom last night and we dropped off some magazines, face moisturizer, and the big button tv remote (which seemed to be a huge help). We’re checking with the staff today to get her set up with newspaper delivery and cable tv, and to see if we can put a mini-fridge in her room so we can bring her some favorite foods. I’ll stop up today again - she requested some nice smelling body lotion and I have another magazine for her.

Steve was away last night. If you can follow this, his best friend from high school’s brother-in-law was having a bachelor party in Indiana and Steve was invited. I didn’t want Steve to be driving home late or drunkie or both so I told him to stay at his friend’s house for the night. I didn’t sleep so well in the big empty bed. I had a bad dream that involved my dad and I walking away from my mom on a path that turned out to not be a path but really the ledge of a building. My dad was standing close to the edge and when I realized where we were I yelled at him to get closer to the building, but when he stepped closer the ledge crumbled away and I couldn’t grab him in time and we both fell, along with the crumbled ledge, to our untimely death. At least I assume we plunged to our death – as with most dreams of this ilk I awoke panting and wild-eyed before I actually would have hit the ground. Nice. I bet a shrink could have a field day with that one. That was at 4:11 am. I eventually went back to sleep and had some other horrible dream that involved me bleeding heavily in the menstrual way and having enormous cramps (and no, it’s NOT that time of the month). That one I don’t get.

Last Friday I finally got to open my birthday gifts from Steve: a new xm radio for my car (it came with ‘Stevestilation’ so who knows when it will actually get put in my car), a kitchen scale, a magnetic knife rack, and the complete first season of Gilmore Girls on dvd! Yay! I watched all the bonus features last night. Now I want to buy all the rest of the seasons, but I suppose I should leave them for Steve to buy for me for upcoming holidays. The big 4th wedding anniversary is coming up next month. Traditional gifts for that anniversary are linen or silk, and modern gifts are appliances. Hmmmm. I could get Steve a cream linen suit for the summer – he’d look yummy. Or I could get him some sort of tool – I think there’s a shop vac that he was drooling over. I could request a new set of fancy sheets or maybe a mini wine fridge. We’ll see – it’s a whole month away so there’s time to plan.

Resolution Diary:
Exercise yesterday: 1 hr. spin class.
Dinner: salad, broiled whitefish, rice pilaf, 1 glass red wine, Milky Way egg.
Breakfast: cinnamon chip scone.
Lunch: small salad, rotolo pasta, 1 glass red wine. Why yes, I did eat out. I almost never have anything to drink at lunchtime if I’m working, but it was just me, my dad and my uncle so I figured what the Hell. I have a nice doggie bag of ˝ my lunch to eat later.
Snack: too stuffed – no snack.
Reading: nothing right now.

2:47 p.m. - 2006-03-16


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