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Ugh. Well, I don’t want to go into the hairy details, but it looks like this is the home stretch for my mom. My dad and I met with her extremely good looking oncologist (yes, I know it’s wrong to be checking out his impossibly long, thick eyelashes at a time like this, but I’m still human) and he basically confirmed that the curative portion of her treatment should end and that he would put us in contact with the hospice people at the hospital. She can’t go back to the care facility because they are unable to supply her with the kind of oxygen that she needs, so they’ll move her to the hospice wing in the hospital. God, I just hope that she holds out until her sister and my brother are able to get here. They both arrive a week from today. I can’t believe that my mom went from hosting a Christmas party for 12 to a mere shell of herself in 3 months. It just sucks.

Steve came though his gum surgery OK – he’s got some swelling and he’s talking like his mouth is full of cotton, but he’ll be just fine. They did about 2/3 of the work yesterday and if he’s brave enough to go back they’ll do the last 1/3 in a couple of months. There are a ton of stitches and it looks really disgusting. He can’t brush his teeth for TWO WEEKS. They did give him some sort of prescription strength mouthrinse, but ew. I’ve been dutifully bringing him his penicillin and vic0din to keep him pain and infection free.

Sorry there’s no report on Carmen. My dad and I deemed it inappropriate to be going to an opera at a time like this so we turned the tickets back in for a tax write-off. I did catch a review in the paper and it’s supposed to be an amazing rendition and the woman playing Carmen is supposed to be super-hot. Oh well – there will be more Carmens.

I just made an appointment with a plastic surgeon for an initial consult to have three yukky moles removed from my face (yuuky to me – much like a pimple that seems SO OBVIOUS to me but isn’t even registered by a casual onlooker, the moles aren’t huge or hairy or anything like that). I figure if Steve can make it through that nasty gum surgery then I can knuckle under and go in for my own ‘elective’ surgery. Then, next up on the plate is to have all my moles mapped. Steve needs to get this done too – we’re mole-y people – good thing we’re not going to have children or they’d look like Dalmatians. And then there’s the regular yearly, check-up that I’m due for where I need to ask if I should have a colonoscopy and/or a mammogram. Nothing like a little wake-up call to get you moving in the right direction as far as your health is concerned.

Resolution Diary:
Exercise yesterday: nope – I had to go from work to the hospital to home and there was no time for the gym.
Dinner yesterday: bagel with a few slices of white cheddar cheese, cupcake.
Breakfast: blueberry scone
Lunch: packet of tuna, 3 grainy crackers, apple and ¼ leftover reuben sandwich (the rest went into the garbage)
Snack: nada
Reading: Finished ‘The Cliffs of Despair’. Now I need to find another book. I did read an interesting article in The New Yorker about absinthe – now I’m thinking about ordering a bottle. Mmmmmm…..wormwood.

3:41 p.m. - 2006-03-22


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