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Hitting the road

Continued thank you’s for the many cards and e-mails about my mom – they mean more to me than you can imagine. It’s kind of creepy having my aunt here – she looks so much like my mom every time I see her walk into a room it’s like my mom is back. I had my first ‘whoops’ moment yesterday when I thought of a question to ask my mom – I actually had the phone in my hand ready to dial her number when I realized that’s no longer an option. My brother, sister-in-law, and their two boys are in town for the weekend and they are staying with my dad. My s-i-l was kind enough to help me go through most of my mom’s clothes – we took over about ten bags of sweaters, shirts, pants, blouses, shorts, shoes and accessories to a local charity thrift shop. There’s still a bunch of stuff left, but I saved the really nice things for her sister to look through and see if there is anything that she might want. Is that strange or morbid to ask if she wants anything? It’s just that her sister is about the same size and some of my mom’s things were really nice and I would rather give them to my aunt than donate them. There are a bunch of coats too, hats, gloves and scarves, but I’ll keep those until next fall when the coat drives start up. I have an eye appointment next week so I can drop off her glasses for the Lion’s Club then, and I think there’s a cancer group in Evanston who can take her (never worn) wig and the little beanie hats that she bought. Sigh. I guess it’s lucky in some ways that there is so much to do after someone dies because it keeps you busy and doesn’t leave you much time to dwell on the loss.

Even though family can be great, sometimes you just need a break. I’m hitting the road to Milwaukee tonight with Alli and Jen so that we can attend Weetabix’s reading tonight at the hairy schwanz. Just kidding, but that does sound frighteningly like the name of the bookstore where the reading is at – Harry Schwartz. If you click on the link to Weet’s diary (although I suspect that most of you who are here to begin with came here through her diary so I’m sure you’ve seen it already) you’ll see that she’s a bit nervous about tonight. I think that the audience will be stocked enough in her favor that she won’t have a thing to worry about. I just hope she doesn’t stand (sit?) up in front and imagine us in our underwear a la Marsha Brady because that would be creepy. Plus, I didn’t wear a matching set today so it would be creepy AND she would take note of my fashion laziness. I encouraged her to bring a short journal entry or something else to read because I am personally going to start the ENCORE! chants when she’s finished. Or is that just not done at academic readings? If it isn’t, I think tonight is a good time to start.

I’m totally enjoying checking the referrers link in the Diaryland stats page. Someone found me by Googling “I blow my nose”. Oddly enough, TranceJen’s diary came up in that search too. Bizarre.

Got to run now – I have a lunchtime filled with errands and before I leave I have to take my egg salad sandwich out so it can come up to room temperature from the arctic setting we keep the office fridge at and be ready to eat when I return.

12:04 p.m. - 2006-03-31


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