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Last night Steve and I went out to dinner with our friends Bob and Diana Ė Bob was the Ďministerí at our wedding (I use the Ďí because heís a mail order minister, but we did check and it IS legal in Illinois). In an odd coincidence, Dianaís mom also died on the exact same day as my mom. Bizarre. I know one of the restaurant owners at the place we ate at - he wasnít in, but he had arranged for the host to bring over a complimentary bottle of champagne - itís good to know people. We took the opportunity to drink a very nice toast to our moms.

I realize that Iím probably telling you something you already know, but I just got speakers for my computer at work and Iíve discovered two sites - Live356 Internet Radio who have a station called Generation 80ís that plays really excellent classic alternative and new wave music, and Pandora where you can put in an artist or song that you like and they will Ďcreateí a radio station of similar sounding music that you might like. They have a convenient direct link to iTunes in case you hear something you like enough to buy. This internet thing rocks.

Iím going in to the shelter tonight. It will be my first time back since January. Megan has kept everyone there up to date so they know whatís been going on, and many of my co-volunteers made generous donations in my momís memory to the charity we specified. Of course it helps that we specified the animal shelter where I volunteer. It was also where the d.o.g. came from. Iím hoping I donít get too weepy. Bob was mentioning last night that itís the sympathy and condolences that bring on the weepies and heís so very right. Itís so touching that people care and reach out to you to try to help. Speaking of which, I have to write a condolence note Ė a good friend of my dadís, Sam, passed away early this week and I want to write a note to his wife because I have a nice story for her. About 15 years ago I was at a White Sox home opener party and Sam was there and he saw me wearing my momís wedding ring set (she never liked wearing it and gave it to me in high school Ė I later had the diamonds reset for my own engagement and wedding ring). Sam asked me if I was engaged and I explained that I was just wearing the ring, and then he told me how he had to propose to his wife three times before she would accept because she thought she should go out and experience the world a bit before getting married. He described to me how beautiful he thought she was and how determined he was to get her to accept. I think sheíd like to hear that story.

Resolution Diary:
Exercise yesterday: 1 hour brisk walk with Megan
Dinner yesterday: UmÖ things kind of crapped out here. I had: 1 martini, ľ bottle of (really good) champagne, ľ bottle red wine, salad with crab meat and artichoke bottom, red snapper and crab pierogi, Ĺ of a vanilla semifreddo dessert that was the best thing ever.
Breakfast: nada
Lunch: small salad, 1 pasta rotolo with pink sauce.
Snack: absolutely not necessary.
Reading: A Million Little Pieces, by Liar McPants-on-fire

5:14 p.m. - 2006-04-06


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