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F You.

Heh. Well, I guess I’ll be taking more time off from the shelter than I planned. I stopped by last night about half way through the shift – not to really do anything, but to thank people for the donations they have made in my mom’s memory and to catch up with my friends. There is a woman there, let’s call her Schmoo, that I do not get along with. She and I have a history of not-getting-alongness. Perhaps because she spoke once to Steve about when she would be able to speak with ‘the real architect’ (Steve is both licensed and practicing), perhaps because the word ‘please’ isn’t in her vocabulary, perhaps because she talks to people like they are 5 years-old, perhaps because when she’s not condescendingly talking down to people she’s outright rude. Whatever. Anyway, here’s what went down: I was in the office talking with a couple of other volunteers – they were asking me how my dad is coping, how I am coping, etc. Schmoo came into the office with two other people and announced, “I need to be in here, you’ll have to get out.” No ‘please’, no ‘I have some business to take care of and I need to office for a few minutes – it would be helpful if you could finish up outside.’ So, having decided during my hiatus that taking her shit wasn’t in my best interest (or really in anyone’s best interest as this is the way she talks to just about everyone), as I walked past I said, “you could find a nicer way to say that,” and I walked out in to the hallway to finish my conversation. I was midway through my next sentence to my friends and she came out and started to berate me. Hmmm. What to do. I wasn’t sorry I told her to speak civilly to the rest of us. So, I let the devil on my shoulder decide. “Fuck you.” Her mouth flapped like a fish out of water for a moment but then she regained steam and continued on her rant. Again,with the devil. “Fuck you.” She quit on the spot and stormed out of the shelter. I’m sure she’ll be back. As for me, in the long run, I think it’s best if I don’t go back there either – it raises my blood pressure. I understand why my mom didn’t do volunteer work – she used to say that volunteer work generally consisted if a bunch of bitchy women crabbing around about the colors of the napkins for the next meeting. But seriously, perhaps I chose vulgar (to use Michael Kors’ favorite word) words, but y’know I say them somewhat frequently, they use them on HBO series, they use them in books that Oprah chooses for her book club, so get over it. If she hasn’t heard them before she hasn’t been listening too closely.

Tonight Steve and I have a rare home night. I’m forgoing the gym and heading home to warm up turkey leftovers – yum. We have three Netflix to choose from: The Secret Lives of Alter Boys, Memoirs of a Geisha, and Walk the Line. Plus we have about 15 hours of TiVo to catch up on – Gilmore Girls, House, Law & Order……

Big doings over the weekend – I’m taking Steve on a date tomorrow night. It will be tight to get there on time because we’re also going to the Cubs game with Mike and Alli, then to the Modernism Antiques Show/Sale, and then on the date. Shhhhh…. I’m taking him to RedMoon Theater’s latest production/spectacle, The Golden Truffle. If you see him, don’t spoil the surprise.

Resolution Diary:
Exercise yesterday: no time – went to the shelter.
Dinner yesterday: see above.
Breakfast: ½ of a truly awful banana.
Lunch: I have some soup here, but I’m totally craving a PB&J from Panera. I’m fairly sure the PB&J will win out.
Snack: no snack
Dinner: I already know that I’ll be having turkey, stuffing, ½ of a twice-baked potato and a scoop of broccoli casserole. I believe I’ll be having at least one glass of red wine (I love a nice pinot noir with turkey), and a slice of Oberweis ice cream pie for dessert. Yum.

10:32 a.m. - 2006-04-07


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