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Need a vacation after my busy weekend

This weekend was just too much. First the TiVo crapped out so I had to spend about an hour on the phone with Megan restarting and resetting the program information and updating the software so we didnít miss any crucial episodes of Gilmore Girls or House. I wish I knew the first thing about fixing the TiVo glitches, but I donít and thatís (one reason) why Megan is so awesome Ė sheís a whiz at walking me through all the necessary steps to get it all working again.

Saturday Steve and I rushed to the Cubs game with Mike and Alli so Steve could get the canít-live-without (Steve, not me - I couldnít care less), highly prized magnetic schedules. We managed to get five. Itís so retarded the way he goes all Rainman about the yearly magnetic schedules. ĎGotta get the schedule. Gotta go to one of the first two home games, not the third home game, gotta be the first or second game. Gotta go early to make sure I get a schedule and gotta stay late to see if I can scrounge up some more from the (filthy) ground. Gotta get enough to give to all my Cubbie friends and relatives. Gotta do it.í It was cute the first couple of years I knew him, now I just long for the day when weíll have our stainless fridge and canít stick any magnets on it because really, the schedule from 2001? I donít need to see it every time I go to get a cold drink.

Straight from the Cubs game we went to the Modernist antique show/sale where just about everything we saw was either very Ďehí or cost a bazillion dollars. I had almost talked myself (and Steve) into a pair of fabulous Italian chairs that were perfect Ė excellent condition, great color/fabric, ideal scale for our house, but for the fact that they cost an arm and a leg and if one of the cats barfed on one or a friend spilled wine or whatever Iíd probably go ballistic. I suppose itís all relative Ė the pair cost less than one of the chairs would be if purchased new (theyíre still in production as itís a very classic Modernist style) but that was still more than I wanted to pay. Bye-bye fabulous chairs, maybe someday after Iíve won the lottery Iíll see you again.

After we were through wandering amongst the expensive furniture, gee-gaws and jewelry we headed over to Redmoon theater to see The Golden Truffle which was, as are most of their productions and spectacles, a combination of the strange, the fabulous, and the unexpected. A highlight was the four-course Vosges chocolate truffle tasting that was a part of the show Ė mmmmm. Iíd try to describe it, but it would come off sounding silly so just click on the link and check out what they have to say for themselves.

Post-theatre we took three busses to get home (I was all about the public transportation on Saturday) and I was starving by this point (about 10:00pm) so we stopped at a little pizza place near our house and had a couple of slices before going home and flopping straight into bed.

Sunday we went Orienteering with Megan and Clark and chose to do a medium-hard 4.8km orange course. Right. 4.8km if (big if) you choose to go as the crow flies between controls. We did not, so it took 1 hr. 55 minutes to get finished, complete with plenty of bushwhacking through thorny shrubs making my legs look like I tried to break up a cat fight with them. At least it was good exercise.

Thatís all for today Ė busy, busy, busy and I want to get out of here and test drive my new rollerblades!

Resolution Diary:
Weekend exercise: 2 hours of Orienteering yesterday Ė that consisted of some jogging and lots of off-trail walking, climbing over fallen logs, jumping over streams, and crashing through underbrush. Fun, no?
In general it hasnít been the best few days as far as food is concerned.
Saturday meals: about 1 oz. cheese and 7 sesame crackers for breakfast, 1 Ĺ hot dogs and 1 beer for lunch at the baseball game, then 4 truffles and a glass of red wine as a snack at the theater, then 2 small thin crust pizza slices and a Diet Rite for a late, late dinner on the way home.
Sunday meals: cupcake for breakfast (damn that cupcake bakiní Megan), burger fries for late lunch. No dinner.
Breakfast today: croissant, orange juice
Lunch: so bad. I had a 3 pc. Chicken Select meal at McDonalds Ė this is what happens when you run too many errands over lunch and donít have time to eat a proper meal.
Snack: not on your life Ė not after that lunch.
Reading: dual duty Ė Iím in the middle of both A Million Little Pieces and then I also started Bitter is the New Black by fellow Chicago-area journaler Jen Lancaster. Itís extremely funny and I always enjoy a good book set in Chicago.

4:14 p.m. - 2006-04-10


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