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What was that I said about updating every day?

It would appear that I am getting naughty about updating again. Iím trying, really I am, but work has been a bear of late and the weather here has been so unseasonably warm that all I want to do is go outside and be in the warm, fresh, sunny air. I bought a new pair of rollerblades that are fan-freaking-tastic Ė lightweight and fast Ė and Steve got our bikes out of the basement. Wheee! Watch, next week it will snow just to show me up.

So. Iíve been listening to Live 365 internet radio at work (as I mentioned before) and I totally groove on the Generation 80ís channel except for the fact that it seems like every time I tune in I hear Love and Pride by King. Eh. It does take me back to high school when I used to go to Vintage Vinyl (mentioned often in The Time Travelerís Wife and alluded to in numerous John Cusack movies) where I would eagerly buy these strange British pop music magazines that came with a 12Ē vinyl samples of the whatever bands they were gushing about that particular month. Generally speaking, as a confirmed Anglophile and card carrying tortured youth stranded in suburbia I was ready and willing to lap up whatever band of the moment that they were pushing, but I never quite got one of their main push-ees, King. Was it one guy? A band? I never took the time to figure it out because in my opinion they/he sucked and the guy/main guy had an atrocious mullet (I was willing to accept Bonoís (scroll down on the link) early 80ís mullet because U2 was so totally awesome!, but not King-guyís because they were bogus). Now that I have to hear Love and Pride about once a day I can honestly say that not only have my tastes not matured enough to appreciate King, but in fact I still think they/he sucks. Speaking of vinyl, my dad picked up right where my mom left off and heís now asked me twice if I have any plans of removing my (semi-massive) collection of vinyl from his basement. UmÖ.. same response mom got: Iíll take them when I move upstairs and Steve hooks up my (super-cool dj) turntable. My suggestion? Bug Steve to get the upstairs done soon Ė the faster Iím up there the faster the records go away.

I have tomorrow off work (hooray for whatever Jesus did on Good Friday) and Steve and I are going to Intuit to check out a cool found photography exhibit and then Iím going downtown to meet my friend Barb for our spring drinkies at Vongís Thai Kitchen. I have plans for the rest of the weekend to keep me busy but I wonít tell now (donít get excited, theyíre nothing overly interesting) otherwise I wonít have anything to say on Monday.

Resolution Diary:
Exercise since last update: 1 hr. brisk rollerblading, Ĺ hour walk, Ĺ hour bike ride.
Breakfast Tuesday: slice of French bread with a smear of cream cheese
Lunch Tuesday: PB&J, small bag of chips
Dinner Tuesday: BBQ Burgers, a few too many chips w/ salsa & guacamole, ice cream pie, 1 beer
Breakfast Wednesday: slice of French bread with a smear of cream cheese
Lunch Wednesday: Ĺ brisket sandwich on rye, small dollop of cole slaw
Dinner Wednesday: out for dinner w/ Steve & Alli/Mike. I had one beer, a large spring greens salad, Ĺ of a Naples-style pizza at Spacca Napoli. Yum. Split a slice of spumoni with Steve for dessert.
Breakfast: slice of French bread with a smear of cream cheese
Lunch: ĺ egg salad sandwich on toast, cup of egg lemon soup, Ĺ dill pickle
Dinner: I know what Iím having already (planning Ė it rocks) sautťed chicken tenders, rice pilaf, peas, red wine.
Reading: I finished Bitter is the New Black Ė it was truly witty and well written. Iím passing it along to Alli. Iím plowing through A Million Little Pieces but honestly? Even if it were all true or if I was unaware of all the liar, liar pants-on-fire flap I didnít get the same stay-up-all-night, gotta-find-out-what-happens vibe that apparently all of Oprahís staffers got.

2:41 p.m. - 2006-04-13


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