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A fresh start

Yes, you guessed it. King is on Live365 singing about Love and Pride again. Didnít he/they have any other songs?

In other news, my right nostril has decided to set up with a constant drip Ė something must be budding or blooming that doesnít agree with me. Just thought Iíd share.

In still more news, Iíve decided to really and truly crack down on my diet. Iím pretty freaking unhappy right now for a multitude of reasons and itís too easy to take solace in comfort food and sitting on my ass in front of the tv. However, it ceases to be comfortable when your waistband is digging into your waist and you have to make a choice between breathing and zipping up your pants. Today I go back to my plan of a piece of fruit for breakfast, soup or a salad for lunch and a small portion of something for dinner. Eating out will be tough, but Iím going to focus on not finishing every morsel on my plate Ė I have to remember that the doggy bag exists for a reason. Iím also considering switching health clubs. I hit a patch while my mom was sick that I sort of stopped going to my regular club and now I canít seem to get back into a rhythm. Thereís a health club about 3 blocks from my house (a nice one too) and in the past my rational for not joining was: that it took me so long to get home that all the classes had already started, that the classes werenít as good or as varied, and they didnít have Bob teaching spin and in general the spin classes are kind of lame there. The nearby health club has had a recent makeover and changed almost all of the things that bothered me. They have classes starting as late at 7:30 and 8:00pm, they have pilates mat classes and their version of Body Pump, they have a decent amount of treadmills and elliptical trainers, and they run special session classes like Boot Camps. Their spin classes still suck, but can I take one or two good spin classes at a local spin-only studio to make up for it. Iíll have to give up my Bob addiction, but I think I can do it. Itís a little more YMCA-ish than my current club, but it might be better on my psyche to not have to work out with college girls wearing tiny tank tops and tinier shorts. I think Iíll contact the nearby club for a tour and see if I can wrangle a couple of guest passes out of them. If I joined I could even go to classes on the weekend if I wanted to (yeah, yeah, even I know the reality of that occurring is slim, but to do that at my current club Iíd have to get in my car and drive a half hour each way and itís more of a pain than itís worth). Iíll have to seriously consider making the switch.

I have an eye exam tonight and Iím super excited because I have three pairs of hot Jai Kudo frames that I bought from Mareís super-sale at the Green Bay mini-con and Iíll be able to have my new prescription put into them so I can be totally styliní.

New Resolution Diary
Breakfast: small banana
Lunch: Campbellís Creamy Portobello soup (only about 200 calories), 6 saltines, 2 grainy crackers
Snack: nada
Dinner: Beef stew, one roll, glass of wine.
Exercise: Spin class tonight.

2:39 p.m. - 2006-04-19


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