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Bag Meme

Bag Meme – What’s in Your Bag Right Now? I'm not quite sure about how to 'tag' someone else, so if you want to be tagged, consider yourself as such:

3 Pens
Wad o’ Keys (I think I know what all of them to go to)
Canon Exilim digital camera in a neoprene case
Business cards for: dog walker, Nordstrom Shoe Salesman
Chicago Transit Card
Overly large wallet with: $22.25, variety of credit/debit/membership cards, ID, checkbook, receipts for some recent purchases at Target
New car insurance card
DVD of ‘Pop Show’ episode with an EBN-OZN video on it that I recorded from TiVo for Megan
Moleskine 2006 planner
$5 off coupon for fancy grocery store
Small light-up witch magnet that Tam gave to me
Small barrette
Emergency tampon
Photo restoration receipt for photo of my mom when she was about 9
Overstuffed make-up bag cotaining:
3 bobby pins & 1 large black barrette
2 mini dental flosses
travel hairbrush (with sticker of my and BettyBigHead’s boobies on it)
Bobbi Brown travel make-up brush set
2 Trish McEvoy mini palettes (For Your Eyes Only and the Little Black Card Simply Gorgeous)
Neutrogena hand cream sample
Estee Lauder mascara sample
2 Trish McEvoy lipsticks (Jolie and Iced Coffee)
2 tiny facial moisturizer samples: Guerlain and Dior
Gap Gloss Pop in plum
Lush Lip Service lip balm
DuWop Lip Venom
Gap Favorite Lip Balm in tangy pomegranate
Burt’s Bees lip shimmer in Coffee
Tin of Smith’s Rosebud Salve

Yes, my purse does weigh about 25 pounds. This line-up of goods makes me appear to be very lip-centric although oddly enough on most days I don’t put anything on my lips at all. I usually drink water throughout the day and I hate getting gunky lip goo or lipstick stains on my cups and water bottles so I usually just forego putting any product on. Why do I tote it all around then? Dunno. I also have another make-up bag at home stuffed to the gills with about 25 other tubes, sticks, tins, and pots of lip moisturizing products and there’s probably at least one tube of something in any purse that I’ve used over the last year. It’s not like I’m searching for the perfect product – they’re all pretty OK to me – I just have a compulsive need to keep buying them.

Things seem to be getting back to normal in the grieving process. I read that although you never completely stop feeling the loss of a person, eventually it will get to the point where it’s not the first thing you think about when you wake up or the last thing you think of when you go to bed, and I think that’s so true. I received two fabulously nice cards from Mare and BettyBigHead that each came at exactly the right time. I think that they were particularly poignant and meaningful because I know that both of these wonderful ladies have also experienced the loss of someone very close to them. Thanks also to Spike for the kind words about Ivy – he’s been through similar troubles with a difficult pet and he had to make the hardest decision a few years back for his pup, Shera. I can’t say it enough – the support of friends is what keeps the world spinning.

New Resolution Diary:
Exercise: lots of walking and bike rides.
Friday breakfast: yogurt
Snack: small banana
Fri. Lunch: PB&J, small bag o chips, pickle spear
Fri. Dinner: um. not so good. Martini, duck confit empanada, pork tenderloin with napa cabbage and corn hash, 1/3 of a vanilla semifreddo for dessert, 1/3 bottle of red wine.
Saturday Lunch: small salad, ˝ egg salad sandwich with a slice of cheese (Cosi)
Sat. Dinner: buffalo cheeseburger, guacamole/chips (for once not too many), small scoop of potato salad, ˝ slice of chocolate orange cake
Sunday breakfast: toasted bagel w/ cream cheese and a tomato slice
Sun. lunch: various appetizer-y things at a benefit for a friend who is doing an Avon walk. I had a few bourbon weenies, some turkey wraps and a couple of banana muffins and a beer.
Sun dinner: beef stew with some noodles and a mini Take 5 bar.
Today breakfast: yogurt
Lunch: tuna packet, 3 ryecrisps, a small banana.
Snack: nada
Reading: I finished Running With Scissors, and I read Prep over the weekend. I have a couple of books to get started on.

4:21 p.m. - 2006-04-24


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