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Iím all signed up for the new health club Ė dues are paid through December of 2006, so I can get off the stick and get started. In fact, if I want to really get my moneyís worth, I need to go about 70+ times before the end of the year. That averages out to approximately 2.18 times per week Ė a daunting number, but a number I think I can manage. Yay. I can go home tonight and pop on over to use their elliptical trainer for a half hour or so before dinner. They have me a handful of guest passes so Iím hoping I can get Steve to give it the old college try. Heís not much for gyms, but I think he agrees with me about preferring the YMCA vibe over the more clubby vibe so he might actually enjoy the new place.

On the way home last night I picked up my new glasses. At the GB mini-con I bought three pairs of frames from Mare and I finally got around to having my eyes examined, getting my new prescription, and lastly, coughing up the $$ to have the lenses made and put in to the frames. Typical me, I canít leave well enough alone. Youíd think that getting a fantastic deal on three fashionable pairs of lenses would satisfy me, but no. I started talking to Peggy, my glasses guru, and she got me trying on sunglasses. The problem with this is that this particular optical shop is extremely expensive. When I was getting my exam a week ago I was drooling over a pair of frames that cost, and I shit you not, $545. And keep in mind thatís before having the $125 lenses put in. Ouch. I tried on a few pairs and then mentioned that there was a pair I saw last year when I was in, the LaFont ĎLolaí glasses, that I loved. Lucky me! Theyíre still available. Could I say no? No. But, I do need another pair of prescription sunglasses, so I guess itís ok. Iíll have to tell Steve that because they were last yearís model they were on sale Ė hopefully heíll fall for that and not ask too many questions.

New resolution Diary:
Exercise yesterday: 1 hr. spin class
Add to last nightís dinner: 12 Milk Duds.
Breakfast: Greek yogurt (strawberry)
Lunch: Boca chikín patty with a slice of cheddar on a sesame bagel, packet of goldfish crackers, cara-cara orange (itís some sort of super-sweet hybrid)
No snack, but I am trying to drink more water.
Dinner: leftovers, so basically the same thing as last night: meatloaf, twice baked potato, brocollini, 1 glass red wine.
* I have a bunch of dinners at restaurants planned in the next week, so Iím going to have to make a conscious effort to make good choices when Iím out and to make up the bad choices I will inevitably make by hitting the (new) gym, going rollerblading, and taking some bike rides. Wish me luck.
Reading: I finished up Good Grief. Now on to something else Ė I think I mentioned Faulkner Ė Light in August is the book I chose. Embarrassingly, Iíve never read any Faulkner so I figured it might be time to try and tackle this literary giant. I have a feeling that coming off a slew of chik-lit books it might be a bit like literary whiplash, but itís worth a shot.

1:09 p.m. - 2006-04-27


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