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All stuffed up

Sorry no post yesterday I hab a code. I left work yesterday at noon, which is something I almost never do. I went home and infected the couch with my virus and watched TiVo not very productive, but very restorative. I feel a little better today, but I think at lunch Im going to pull one of my old sicky tricks where Ill invade my dads office and crash on his couch for a half an hour. I havent done that since I was hourly and I came to work no matter how sick I was because I needed the paycheck. Its actually pretty cosy I bring in my wind-up alarm clock and I curl up on his vinyl sofa and snooze for a bit covered up by his high school commemorative throw blanket.

Ahhh back after a half hour nappy-nap and a dose of DayQuil. Im supposed to go to dinner tonight with Steve, my dad, and Harry and Eleanor (friends of my dads). Im hoping I can keep from falling face first into my meal. I also have a slight fear that Ill faze into some sort of DayQuil/NyQuil la-la land and say something totally inappropriate or unrelated to the conversation at hand. In fact, I worry that Im doing that now my hands typing merrily away, completely disengaged from my brain.

Thats really all I can manage today Im too fuzzy to think of anything witty or interesting. Oh, except that Im a brunet now. Instead of my usual refrain of, Ok Jasen Load up the chunky highlights! I instead found myself saying, Um I think Im too blonde can you fix that? Its more like a dark, dark blonde with some red highlights and a few streaks of blonde (Jasen is an artist he was mentioned in Allure magazine Id let him do anything to my hair that he wanted to). The color is more in keeping with my plan of zero tanning this summer. The blonde? It screamed out for a tan. The darker shade has more of a subtle, sexy librarian look to it and goes much better with the pallor of the undead. Plus it looks hot with my new Jai Kudo glasses.

Resolution Diary:
Exercise: I choose not to infect the other members of either health club that I belong to.
Weekend: Yeah, I ate some things. I dont remember ALL of the things, but I seem to remember a cup of fresh pea soup, and a magnificent filet of pike at the Chicago Yacht Club (thanks to Mike and Alli).
Lunch yesterday: meatloaf sandwich, packet of goldfish crackers
Dinner yesterday: meatloaf sandwich with a slice of cheese and some chunks of chocolate with almonds.
Lunch today: bagel with cream cheese.
Snack: DayQuil

4:14 p.m. - 2006-05-02


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