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My head. It is full of mucus.

I think Iíve finally determined that I have a sinus infection. I my symptoms and it would seem that if you tilt your head forward and it feels like it might explode then itís likely a sinus infection. I left a message for my doc and hopefully sheíll call me back and be willing to phone in some sort of Ďscript that will make it go away. also mentioned warm compresses, so Iíll give that a whirl tonight. If I donít get rid of this soon Steve is going to divorce me because Iíve been making Exorcist-like noises in my sleep and therefore, heís not getting any. Sleep that is, although feeling yukky also puts a crimp in the love life.

Despite the head oípressure I managed to get out this weekend to go to a Derby Day party on Saturday. I picked the winner (along with 8 others at the party) and won a couple of free drink tickets. Who knew being a sentimental fool would bring in a winner for me? I picked Barbero for probably the same reason my dad did Ė my momís name was Barbara. I did manage to find out that I do not like mint juleps. I donít know what I was expecting Ė maybe something light and mojito-esque? Ė but bourbon and me, not so much. I guess Iím not a Kentucky gal at heart. I did wear a hat to the party although not a new hat Ė it was a lovely wide brimmed grey straw hat that I wore to my cousinís wedding about 10 years ago. Letís see, this is the second time Iíve worn it so that brings the per wearing price down to $125.00. Needless to say, I did not buy the hat for myself Ė it was a gift.

Sunday I managed to be a bit more productive and I (finally) cleaned the house. Thereís nothing grosser than spending every night horizontally on the couch mere inches away from a cat-hair matted rug and not having the energy to do anything about it. I did a full cleaning of the bathroom, a major vacuuming (including the heating registers and windowsills), three loads of laundry including sheets and towels, dumped, bleached and refilled the litterboxes, and I swiffered the kitchen floor. Then I went out to see ĎBrickí with Tam while Steve went out to play soccer. I really enjoyed the movie even though the rapid fire teenage hipster slang made me feel like a complete loser oldster. When I rent the DVD Iíll have to put on the closed captioning Ė I still wonít understand the meaning entirely, but at least Iíll know exactly what it is that Iím not understanding.

Resolution Diary
Exercise: Hey, if I canít bend over to tie my shoe without feeling like my head is going to pop, Iím not going to the gym. That said I did do a fair bit of walking around getting to and from public transportation.
Weekend eats:
Friday lunch: scoop of potato salad and a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich.
Friday dinner: leftover pizza.
Saturday lunch: same as Fridayís Ė itís Steveís specialty
Saturday snacks: cheese cubes and crackers
Saturday dinner: small salad, some sort of cioppino (seafood stew), green beans & fingering potatoes. Bite sized fruit tart and bite sized pecan cheesecake for dessert. Two sips of a mint julep.
Sunday brunch: bacon/cheddar omelet, hashbrowns, 2 slices of toast
Sunday movie snack: caramel corn
Sunday dinner: small caprese salad, 2/3 italian sub with the mayo scraped off, 1 glass of white wine.
Breakfast today: banana
Lunch: PB&J, small bag oí chips
Snack: nada
Reading: When All the World Was Young. Still. Itís a bit draggy, but Iím almost finished.

4:32 p.m. - 2006-05-08


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