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Got my drugs!

Hooray! The doctor gave me meds! She gave me a sample of some sort of nasal spray and a prescription for AllegraD. Itís working, but I can tell itís wearing off now because my ears are starting to hurt and I can feel the pressure in my skull. My daily dose is at 5pm Ė I hope it doesnít get much worse before then. If I donít feel better by next week Iím supposed to call back and sheíll give me some antibiotics. I have a feeling that this infection is pretty bad so I imagine Iíll calling her back next week, but Iíll stay hopeful (and patient) that it will clear up on itís own.

Our receptionist at work is on vacation this week so that means I Ďgetí to do a two hour shift each day answering the phones and stamping mail. Very exciting, and certainly one of the things I looked forward to while I was at Northwestern University. Yes, I thought, the best way to use my ridiculously overpriced education would be to sub as a receptionist. Of course, itís not like I studied to do what Iím doing for my regular job anyway. At least because of the cold my voice doesnít sound like me so nobody recognizes me. I just looked at the keyboard Iím using and itís utterly filthy Ė the letters are all grey and thereís all kinds of dust and crumbs underneath them. Ew Ė what I wouldnít give for a can of compressed air. Iím sure my keyboard is grody too, but itís my grody and that makes a world of difference.

The big animal shelter fund-raiser is this weekend. Itís a little walk-a-thon Ė nothing like the huge Anti Cruelty Bark in the Park walk which draws something like 3,000 people, but it is our biggest fund raiser of the year. I signed up to work at it before having my melt-down at the shelter, but since Megan is the chairperson sheís not letting me off the hook. I have to brew coffee in the wee hours on Saturday morning and bring it with me to the walk, I man the registration booth, and when the walk has kicked off I go and count the $$ with our treasurer. Other than the hell of getting up at the crack of dawn itís not so bad. Iíd bring Matty along, but I think it would be like one of the levels of Danteís Inferno for her. I suppose being very small (18 lbs.), completely deaf, and mostly blind would leave me feeling pretty helpless in a pack of overexcited dogs too. Sheís happiest just sleeping on her rug, she likes to have her head scratched, and she seems to enjoy being held.

Sorry Ė another shortie today, but the damn phone keeps ringing.

Resolution Diary:
Exercise: Iím dying to try out the new gym, but the body is unwilling.
Dinner: One slice of bread w/ olive oil, small house salad, veal & spinach filled ravioli-esqe things. I only ate half because I have no appetite.
Breakfast: small banana
Lunch: my leftovers from last night
Snack: 2 mini chocolate bars
Reading: I started Light In August by Faulkner, but it might be better to put it down and read something lighter. All the meds make me sleepy and Iím not really following the book too well.

4:22 p.m. - 2006-05-10


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