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Putting my vet's kid through college

Iíve been inundated by spreadsheets at work, hence the not posting thing. Iím soon-to-be in charge of a mega-spreadsheet that keeps track of many things here at work and Iíve been learning where to get all the information that gets inputted. Bleh. Plus it was that wonderful time of the month (no, not THAT time) Ė commissions, so I had those spreadsheets to do as well. And the snack machine in the shop ran low and since I am Snack Girl, I had to make a Costco replenishment run. I tell ya, nothing important here happens without me (riiiiiiight).

Today Toby is at the vet for his heart ultrasound. He goes every 18 months to two years to make sure that the Atenalol heís taking is working and that the dosage is still good. He has Feline Cardiomyopathy, but my vet seems to have caught it early and the drugs manage it pretty well. Matty went in today too because she has a Ĺ tooth that is really bothering her that needs to come out; sheís off her feed and sheís a bit shakier than usual. Unfortunately she also has some heart flutter problems and probably has all the other maladies associated with being a zillion year-old dog so Iím dreading that after seeing the results of her EKG and pre-op blood work theyíre not going to want to put her under anesthesia. I need to find a way to explain that Iíd rather have her check out (permanently) while sheís under than have to live with a hurty tooth for the rest of her life (whatever that may be). I canít wait to see what my bill will be today Ė I know the ultrasound is at least $250, so I imagine that Iíll be somewhere around $400-500 for everything. Jeez Ė let it not be said that I donít take good care of my pets.

Iím finally drug-free today. No more Allegra because it was killing my throat. Not only does it dry out the olí nasal passages, but it dries out anything associated with a mucous membrane Ė throat, eyes, you name it. Iím still not 100% - more like 85%, and even though thatís a solid B, Iím still not going to the gym. Iím just donít feel up to it yet lung-wise, plus my knee still hurts from the unfortunate fall I tool in the parking lot a few weeks ago. I suppose itís time to see an orthopedic doc.

Iím very excited. Ever since I saw a link on Tinaís blog for the Kodak BirdCam Iíve been logging in a few times a day to see the Peregrine falcon sitting on her eggs. Mostly itís just a shot of her looking kind of pissy hunched down on the eggs. Once she must have been away because I logged in at the right time to see the two speckly pink eggs. Today I logged in and to my surprise I saw two fuzzy chicks! Yay! Go birds!

Resolution Diary
Hello Ė this wonít be too accurate. So Iíll start up from last night.
Dinner yesterday: leftover tuna casserole, steamed broccoli, bread, a couple of cookies.
Breakfast: bagel with cream cheese
Lunch: Campbellís Select Mexican-style chicken tortilla soup, 4 saltines, apple.
Snack: banana
Reading: I finally picked up some books, so Iíll start one tonight.

4:11 p.m. - 2006-05-17


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