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Weekend crappiness

This past weekend was mostly a big headach-y mess. The party at Architectural Artifacts wasn’t much fun. I think it doesn’t work when there are too many people in the group because the new space at AA is too sprawling and when the band is playing it makes it seem like you are running around in a video game maze trying to figure out where everyone is so I can find out where they want to eat and when they want to leave and blah, blah, blah. After rounding everyone up we left the AA party and ate at the Fireside where I am consistently underwhelmed by the food. Why go then? Because it’s close to AA, they can handle a table of 8-10 with no problems and no wait and they have enough kinds of food to keep everyone happy. The only good part of the night is that we got Steve’s sister to come along. She’s about to go through a nasty divorce and she really, really needed a night out. Lest you think the evening was a total loss from my less than enthusiastic description, I did buy some fun costume jewelry, two small light fixtures, and drank up some free beer. The band (the Polkaholics) were kind of fun too.

Saturday the ride down to Comiskey on the El was a nightmare. I should have known better – not that there would have been a better way to get to the ballpark since the highway is under massive construction. The above-ground part of the El ride was very stop-and-go due to the repair work on the tracks, and then when we got underground each stop was full of people trying to get on the already packed train despite the enigineer’s constant loudspeaker announcement that, “there (was) an immediate train following.” ? What is an ‘immediate train’? I wanted to correct her grammar, but Steve and I were lucky enough to have seats, but standing right behind us were two morons who had either not stopped drinking from the night before or had started that morning at about 7am. Judging from the alcohol stink that wafted off of them and the jumbo jugs of ‘Gatorade’ they were holding, my guess is that they had just kept the party going from the night before. The combination of their odor, the cramped car, and the herky-jerky train made me feel a little urpy, but we made it to the park without any barfage. Our seats were fantastic, but in the sun the whole time and I overdressed for the game – jeans and a ¾ length sleeve top – so I was uncomfortable hot and sweaty for most of the game. I also forgot to apply sunscreen so my forearms got burnt – it looks like I have on some sort of crazy magenta cocktail gloves but at least by now my arms have stopped throbbing. The Cubs lost badly so Steve was pouty, and the ride home on the train was miserable. When we got home all we wanted to do was take a shower and a nap, but no, I had promised my dad we would go out to dinner with him, that I would plant the two flats of impatiens I bought for him, and Steve would plant the Japanese maple tree to replace his dead hibiscus. I speed planted the flowers, changed into a twirly skirt and we had a nice dinner at Prairie Moon in Evanston. Steve and I were home, showered, and in bed by 10:30. I swear we go to bed earlier on most Saturday nights than we do during the week. Losers.

Sunday we slept in and poked around the house reading the paper and eating cold pizza and then I went to a movie with Tam. Because the Landmark Century theatre is the most convenient for both of us to get to, we had to pick from what was there. I’m ashamed to say we saw the Da Vinci Code and more ashamed to say that I enjoyed it. I’m not saying it was a great movie, but I enjoyed it for what it was. Tam and I had an early dinner at France’s deli after the movie and I had an uneventful ride home.
Yesterday was a sucky mess of having to take my dad to the eye doctor where he got a SHOT IN HIS EYE!!!!! I can’t even think about it without my eye feeling scratchy and getting all watery. He has macular degeneration and the shot is something that’s supposed to slow down the loss of vision in his left eye, which is good, but still – A SHOT IN THE EYE!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!! So I was late to work and had to play catch up all day – f-ing spreadsheets with tiny cells filled with numbers that look like sugar ants.

That’s it for today. I need to get out of her in a timely fashion today so I can actually go to the gym.

No resolution diary because I can’t remember everything. I’m thinking of discontinuing it because it depresses me to see the crap I eat, but let me know if it fascinates you and I’ll keep it going.

3:03 p.m. - 2006-05-23


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