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What a weekend Ė I am officially pooped despite making some massive deposits into the sleep bank (although I hear that theory doesnít really work). I managed to sleep until 10:30 am just about every day this weekend. I always thought Iíd mature out of the sleeping Ďtil noon thing, but it would seem not. I just donít understand those folks who pop right up at 5:30 or 6:00 am. I guess having kids or a pushy dog might do it, but Iíd still try to find a way to take care of them and go back to bed.

Oh Hello Ė super-gross-out. Just now, I almost ate a caterpillar. I was eating some extremely overpriced cherries ($5.99/lb.) and just had a little guest hop off my handful. Ewwwwwww! Now I must give each cherry the stink-eye before I pop it in my mouth, which I suppose isnít a bad idea anyway considering I did a half-assed job of rinsing them off.

I heard back from the vet this weekend. The news is bad, but not horrible. Matty has a tumor on her thyroid gland. In a dog, the thyroid gland is about the size of a jelly-bean and the tumor is probably the size of a BB Ė the thyroid controls the level of calcium in the body (among other things). Although not great news, the surgery has about a 90% success rate Ė I guess itís pretty easy to go in and nip off the tumor. The cost is fairly high, $1,000.00. That should cover: the expensive pre-op drug she needs to be on, the operation itself, and the 4-5 days of post-op care at the vetís office where she will need to have her blood calcium level monitored closely so she doesnít go into a seizure. Luckily, my dad offered to cover the cost because he felt that it was something that my mom would have done (although I would have paid for it anyway *). My vet wanted to schedule the surgery for today, but we couldnít locate the pre-op drug anywhere (and yes, we tried two hospital pharmacies) so we scheduled it for Tuesday, June 6th. Osco thinks they can get the drug in this week and I can start her on it next Sunday. He wants to do it early in the week because the post-op monitoring will be easier during the week when they have more techs around to keep an eye on Matty. Although this is the original hard-luck doggie, Iím pretty confident because the main vet with the most experience will be doing the operation. I wonder if theyíll let me visit with her after her surgery?

* Iím afraid that Iím starting to not only like the dog, but feel attached to her because of her significance in connection with my mom. I have a co-worker whose parents died within a few months of each other and he wound up taking their elderly dog. I dog sat for him once and I swear that dog was thisclose to death, staggering around the house in a deaf and mostly blind arthritic haze. The dog got fed Spaghetti-Oís because hey, he was a zillion years old and thatís what he liked. Most of my time dogsitting for him was spent alternating between hoping the dog didnít die on my watch and kind of hoping he would because having to carry a 60 pound dog up and down stairs was getting a little tiresome. Apparently Spaghetti-Oís must have some sort of preservative effect because I think the dog lived a couple of years after that.

Yuck Ė I just ate the most disgusting thing (or actually stopped eating the most disgusting thing when I realized how disgusting it is). I often eat soup for lunch Ė usually the fancy Campbellís Select variety, but for some reason I bought a microwaveable bowl of Campbellís Chunky Sirloin Burger soup. The name describes it all (almost) but for some reason I didnít think there would be actual mini-burgers with faux-grill marks on them in the soup. Additionally, the broth had a thick gravy-like consistency and was overly salty. Ugh Ė what made me think this would be good, I do not know, but consider yourself warned. Ok Ė thatís enough about comestables Ė back to the regular blah-blah.

So, for the first time in a few years the god-awful, make-my-life-miserable, animal shelter bake sale isnít scheduled for the same September weekend that Steve goes to a soccer tournament in Minnesota. So Ė should I tag along and inflict myself upon Spikenheimer? What do you think? Is he up to a weekend chauffering me around to all the Half-Price Books in the greater Minneapolis area?

1:31 p.m. - 2006-05-30


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