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Wee Doggie

So the wee doggie is at the vet for her para-thyroid surgery – keep your fingers crossed for her. I mentioned to the vet that it was odd that I tend to have my pet’s surgeries done on major dates – Toby had his growth removed on Sept. 11 (the original Sept. 11) and today is 06/06/06 – spooky. I’m not very concerned – the vet appears to be too no-nonsense to be superstitious. It’s 11 am now – she should either be under the knife or starting soon…….. *Update – she’s out of surgery and doing fine. I can go visit tomorrow on my way home. I bet they had to shave part of her head and with the resulting surgery stitches she probably looks like Frankendog. If her recovery goes well I can take her home on Saturday.

Steve is gone this weekend to go to a family wedding in Texas, and while the cat is away the mice shall play! My friend Spike is coming down from Minneapolis with his roller derby friends so I think I’m going to go see the Windy City Rollers bout in Cicero on Sunday, but first I have to sell my tickets to see Hopefully, because I have nice pavilion seats, they shouldn’t be hard to move. I’d go, but since Steve isn’t around to go with me my impetus to see Elvis is waning. I have to go to another baby shower for Allison in some suburb far, far away and then I’ll have to race home to let the dog out and change into something more hipster for the Derby, race to pick up Tam, and then race to the arena thingy where the derby is. I think there is a post-derby party at Liar’s Club and Spike indicated he would be going to that as well. I’d like Spike to meet Tam because she’s going up to Minneapolis for some sort of family reunion thing and it might be nice if she (even sort of) knew someone who she could do something fun with on one of the nights she’s there.

I just had to take our bank deposit in and noticed one of those ‘catchy’ slogans on a signboard outside of a local church. It said, “If God is your co-pilot, you should change seats.” What does this mean exactly? I’m thinking that it means that you should let God take over entirely because God needs no co-pilot, but really, if I turned my life entirely over to God than I’d probably spend all day sitting in front of the tv watching Miracle Pets or some other drivelly show. If you got some sort of other meaning from this, let me know.

I keep getting hits from people searching the term ‘peelicious’ on Google. I’m the 7th highest ranking for that term and although I used it to reference the problems I was having with my cat peeing all over the house, others seem to be searching for a less innocent meaning. Golden shower indeed.

4:31 p.m. - 2006-06-06


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