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I went to visit the wee doggie at the vet yesterday. She seems to have charmed the vet techs, although I suspect that their standards are bit lower than most folks and that they find it charming when teeth are not sunk into their fleshy bits. She was quite happy to see me and probably rather mystified when I handed her back to the vet tech after our fifteen minute visit. It was sort of like visiting a relative in prison – or so I imagine, not ever having visited a relative, much less anyone, in prison. I was told to go to the employee break room that was outfitted with sturdy and easily cleanable carpet squares, a small round lunch table, two vinyl/naugahyde couches and a dry-erase board with a list of recent office infractions (among others were “phone area talkers,” “grungy fridge,” and the ominous “fecals”). A vet tech brought Matty out to me sans collar and tags (I’m sure they’re in the manila envelope of personal effects) and told me to come back to reception when I was finished with my visit. Matty sat on my lap and buried her head into my armpit and did her best to look appealing and cuddly. I thought about bringing a large dog biscuit with a file baked into it but I didn’t think she was bright enough to figure out what to do with it. Now if she was a Border Collie that would be a whole different story.

She looks fine except for the shaved neck and the line of sutures going up her throat – I suppose our first stop when she’s sprung on Saturday will be to a pet store to buy a harness that won’t rub on her neck, although it’s not like we go out jogging or anything so I could probably cheap out and just be sure to watch her carefully in the backyard. I suppose I should just cough up the dough since I think Matty is going to require a few weeks of follow up visits to monitor her calcium levels and that will entail me bringing her in to work with me (again – thankfully I work for a family business, namely MY family’s business) so I can make it to the vet’s office in time and it would be nice to have something to tether her near my desk so she doesn’t wander around and make a nuisance of herself.

Today I’m leaving work a bit early with my dad and then we’re picking up Steve and heading to the Museum of Science and Industry for a dinner reception sponsored by Ford to promote the use of the Escape Hybrid as a taxi. I think they’re presenting one to the city as a test taxi. Kermit, their ‘spokesfrog’ will be on hand for photo ops and there will be a team of engineers and marketers from the hybrid division. I plan on seeking them out and then going all geek on them about how much I love my car. I think that’s why I got invited – I’ve been pretty verbal about how much I love my car and how much I’m saving on gas. Anyway, it’s a free meal, free entrance to the museum and a preview of the new exhibit on frogs, a night out for my Dad and a chance for a possible Mayor Daley sighting.

Although I wanted this weekend to be relaxing, it looks like I have a laundry list of things that I need to do (in no particular order):
Clean up room so I don’t look like a messy teenager – sort piles of earrings on my dresser into some sort of container (maybe a trip to the Container Store?) and somehow organize everything so I can see the floor of my closet again
Get Allison’s baby shower gift wrapped at Paper Source (expensive, but pretty)
Pick up dog at vet – buy harness
Return over priced skirt to Nordstrom Rack (I didn’t look too closely at the price tag – it’s a nice skirt but not $100 nice)
Do laundry!!!
Buy litterbox deodorizer and fresh litter – humidity is making the boxes a little stinky.
Go to baby shower – hustle home to let dog out & change for Roller Derby. Pick up Tam and go to Roller Derby – go to after Party
Go on a bike ride
Get 10,000 mile checkup done on my car
And maybe, just maybe… sleep.

1:25 p.m. - 2006-06-08


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