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Kiss that frog

I just read MoPie’s most recent entry (ok – second to last – she posted again), and it made me reflect on a number of past beaux, friends, co-workers… I’m really crappy at keeping in contact with old friends, but I like to ‘spy’ on them by Googling (I know – not very novel – I think everyone Googles other people) their names and if I know it, their last known location. Recently I’ve taken to doing Google image searches – you’d be surprised by how many people tag their Flickr images using whole names. I swear it’s fascinating. Needless to say, even though I have a high school reunion next year I think I’ll take a pass. I went to my 10 year and that was fine, but I don’t talk to anyone from h.s. any more and I can’t really imagine that a reunion is going to make me want to start. I didn’t hate high school or anything like that – in fact I kind of enjoyed it. Not in a zenith of my life, it’s all been downhill from there kind of way, but while I was there I managed to find a niche and make the most of my time. Oh wait – I guess I knew Spike in h.s., but I’ve really known him since we were 3 and he was two years ahead of me in h.s. so he wouldn’t be at my reunion anyway.

The Ford Hybrid party I went to last night was fun. I got a Kermit doll and a photo with the ‘real’ Kermit (he even talked to me which was kind of creepy), a $30 BP gas card, a chance to geek out on the Hybrid marketing guy, and a free dinner that was actually pretty good. The new frog exhibit at the museum was cool too – I love frogs and their soft, moist greenyness. When I was little my brothers caught about 5 or 6 frogs at the local golf course for me and I kept them in a big terrarium (the frogs – not my brothers). They got to stay for a few weeks until, in a scene that could have been ripped out of some bad sitcom, they escaped during one of my mom’s ladies club luncheons. Mayhem ensued and the frogs went back to the golf course the next day.

Despite the laundry list of stuff I need to get done over the weekend (see yesterday’s post – too lazy to link to myself) It will be nice to have two free nights to myself. I’m not quite sure what I’ll do – I think I have some decent Netflix sitting around so that’s an option. I have a potential new friend that I met at Alli’s baby shower last weekend who lives near me and is interested in checking out a possibly scary/possibly benign bar that’s close to my house – maybe I’ll give her a jingle and see if she’s up for knocking back a few on Saturday.

That’s all for now – I’ll be back Monday with a Roller Derby roundup!

3:07 p.m. - 2006-06-09


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