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Everybody, it's fiesta time!

Whatís this? A rare weekend update you say? Do tell!

Actually itís because I spent a completely boring Friday evening and I feel compelled to share. On my way home I picked up my car from itís 10,000 mile check-up. $75 seems a bit steep for some random stuff I could have had done at a Jiffy Lube for $29.99, but whatever. I suppose they used their Ďspecialí computers to check out the Ďspecialí hybrid guts of my car, making the additional $45.01, somehow, worth it. How sad is it that my brain has not yet kicked into full functionality (because I have yet to have a cup of coffee) and I had to use a pocket calculator to do the simple Car Dealer vs. Jiffy Lube math? Almost as sad as the fact that I am unlikely to get any coffee unless I actually get dresses and go to a Starbucks because, even after 4 years of ownership, I still do not know how to use the coffeemaker. Thatís how sad.

After picking up my car I went and had Alliís gifts wrapped at Paper Source where I also dropped another ball oí cash because they have so many doodads that appeal to me. What? Printed tin bug pins? Gimme the whole set! A keychain flask? Never mind the naughty implications (not to mention the illegality) of drinking and driving Ė I must have it! You can see where this scenario went. After the denuding of my wallet I went next door to a fancy food place and bought things like overpriced tuna salad, fancy flavored seltzers, hunks of gooey cheese, and some assorted salads so that I could have sustenance for my weekend sans Steve.

I continued on my way and headed to Alliís house so I could let out their slobbering beast (oops Ė I mean dog) before he soiled his crate. Mike and Alli were at some sort of baby-oriented class Ė something about breathing or pushing no doubt Ė so they couldnít come home to let Lucky out and give him his dinner. Enter Paula, pet-sitter supreme. Fresh off a month of taking care of three litterbox challenged cats, I was up to the task. Actually, Luckyís not so bad Ė heís just so darn enthusiastic, and he shows that enthusiasm by shoving his nose into my ya area. But again, truly not much of a problem and I was in and out in under 15 minutes. Another 10 minutes and I was home.

Now, home at 6:30 and what to do? I am utterly ashamed by the ensuing chain of events. I immediately put on some pj pants, made myself a sandwich on crusty Italian bread and plodded onto the couch where I watched TiVo until I fell asleep. I woke up on the couch at 7 this morning with a cat on my head and my bra practically embedded into my flesh. It must have been a restful sleep though because my scuffie slippers were both still on my feet.

Now itís 8:30 and Iím restfully sipping a grapefruit seltzer and looking cheerfully out the window at the cold, rainy, dreary day. Dismal weather isnít usually a cause for rejoicing, but the church across the street is scheduled to have their Grande Fiesta today and Iím hoping the less than festive cold front dampens everyoneís enthusiasm for eating tamales and elotes and listening to bass-heavy Latin music at window rattling decibel levels.

8:41 a.m. - 2006-06-10


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