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Dogless no more

Hey Ė just in case you missed it, there was a rare here.

I feel wretched today and itís all my own fault. I made the fatal error of making a late night run to White Castle. Oog. I went to the Roller Derby with Tam, saw Spike, and even went to the after party at Liarís Club. But, since I had to hustle to get to all of these places after Alliís baby shower, I didnít really have time to eat dinner or even grab a snack. Yes, I could have gotten a slice of overpriced greasy pizza at the derby bout, but it just didnít seem that appealing. I suppose what I should have done was to stop on the way to Liarís Club with Tam and grab something. Coulda, shouldaÖ. If youíre hungry at midnight and donít have anything appealing in the fridge, youíll wind up at White Castle with a couple of double cheeseburgers every time. At midnight it seems so appealing, so immediately gratifying, but Iím paying for it today with a greasy-feeling gut and the nervous realization that I probably should be no more than 15 feet from a restroom at any given time. I think Iíll have a salad for lunch. Amazing how all that grease can make you crave some crispy green stuff.

I was pretty good at checking items off my To-Do list for the weekend, but somehow or other I managed to leave the distasteful tasks undone. HmmmÖ however could that have happened? I still need to clean up my messy room and do a few loads of laundry, and I should probably add vacuuming to the list. I did go out with Allison for some make-up shopping where we both replenished some depleted Trish McEvoy products and while Alli was taking one of her numerous pregnancy related bathroom breaks I managed to buy yet ANOTHER pair of hipster sneakers Ė a cool pair of purple and yellow Pumas. This is in addition to the aqua and dove grey Diesels I bought the previous weekend at Nordstrom Rack and the multiple pairs of Sauconys that I bought a few months back on Hello, my name is Paula and I have a hipster sneaker addiction problem. I blame it on Weetabix because I was with her at a regular Nordstroms when I bought my original two pairs of hipster sneakers back in February. That Weet Ė sheís like a shopping angel because it all looks good when sheís there. Thankfully she has good taste so it still looks good when you get it home.

I am still dogless. The vet called on Saturday and Mattyís calcium level dropped a teensy bit below normal level and they wanted to keep her for another couple of days while they adjusted her dosage of post-op medication. It actually worked out fairly well because I wasnít home much yesterday to keep an eye on her. I think I should be able to pick her up today. Iím wondering how her Ďtrust fundí is holding out. My dad was nice enough to give me the amount of the high estimate for the operation and subsequent after care and I wonder if itís been whittled down to less than nothing or if I still have a positive balance. I guess Iíll find out today. *NOTE Ė I do get to pick up the dog today and the trust fund did run out. I owe about $130-.

3:33 p.m. - 2006-06-12


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