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I just called one of our customers, located in Mexico, to speak to our contact there and was told to call back in an hour because, “they put a big screen tv in the lunchroom so we could all watch the Mexico World Cup game.” While I admire the rah-rah, go team, attitude, I hardly think that’s the way to run a business.

I’m in shopping shock. I – world class, first division, pole position number one, shopper extrordinaire – went a little haywire last night, and I blame it all on Weetabix. There were shoes (hello Nordstrom ˝ yearly sale, and no I’m not going to tell you how many pairs), perfume (gift! with purchase!), earrings (sort of match my ring…..), NQP goods at the Land’s End Inlet, gift for Alli (yes, another gift for Alli…), tea from Teavana for my niece (and myself)…. I embarrass myself with the list, and I am so embarrassed that I will have to sneak many of the purchases in to the house while Steve is not looking. He would not approve of the shoes – no, not at all – because there is some serious high-class hooker action with one of the pairs (if Minnie Mouse were a hooker that is). Weet had some luck too and I believe she beat me out in the end in the number of total pairs of shoes purchased if you combine her Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack totals. Although I’d like nothing more than to see Weet more often, it is probably better for my financial well being if she only blows into town 3 or 4 times a year.

Tomorrow Steve and I have tickets to see Prairie Home Companion live at Ravinia. I know it’s horribly unhip to like PHC (although the Robert Altman movie might have lent some hipster cache I don’t think I can count how many times have I heard Ira Glass skewer him on This American Life), but like it I do. I particularly like the musical guests. I checked the PHC website and I think Alice Peacock is going to be on tomorrow and that doesn’t particularly excite me – I would have preferred talent that was less homegrown and more exotic.

Sunday I have to get up and bake a batch of key lime bars and make some dip to take to Steve’s sister’s house for a combo Father’s Day/graduation party. I bought Royce (the niece) a tea brewing contraption and some fancy Monkey Picked Oolong tea. (scroll down to read the explanation of monkey picked tea and to see a little drawing of the picker monkeys) The tea was obscenely expensive, particularly considering that it is no longer picked by trained monkeys (now the term ‘Monkey Picked’ refers to the fanciest and best oolongs – supposedly). I guess someone invented a mechanical picker to get the tender oolong leaves from the top of the tea tree and put all the monkeys out of jobs. I wonder what all the monkeys did when they got their walking papers?

Well, I’ve worn myself out putting in all those links so that’s all you get today.

4:24 p.m. - 2006-06-16


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