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Thankfully I feel much better today – whatever was bugging up my system seems to have departed.

I think I must be over whatever funk I’ve been in for the past, oh, I dunno, 3 months. For those of you counting, that’s pretty much the exact amount of time since my mom died. She died on March 22 – I have the unused tickets to see the acclaimed Lyric Opera version on Carmen in my purse to prove it. I haven’t wanted to admit that I was depressed or in a funk because in my family that’s considered a weakness. Not that we’re all macho – I just think we repress emotions pretty well. Plus the umpteen pairs of shoes I’ve bought since then seem to have done their part through retail therapy. Nothing like a pair of juvenile ‘tattooed’ low-tops to brighten the day a bit. Last night I came home and instead of stuffing myself with something that tasted good but was not so good for me, I had a lovely, modestly sized, caprese salad (with basil just picked form the garden) and a handful of animal cookies for dessert. Tonight I’m actually going back to the gym for a spin class. I took stock of my situation last night – I have a 30 mile bike ‘race’ in less than a month and in the middle of August I’m going to Steve’s annual family get together in Effingham where I will have to don a bathing suit in front of all the lean runners in his family. I figured I have a choice – keep on eating the comfort food and plunking myself on the couch night after night or I could take control of my situation and do something positive. There’s no way that I’ll ever resemble my two tv girl-crushes (Lorelai Gilmore or Samantha Spade *) if I don’t quit eating great gobs of French bread slathered with creamy brie cheese just because it makes me happy for a minute or two. Better to be happy because I can finally fit into the expensive pair of fancy jeans that I bought during a ‘skinny’ phase a couple of years ago. **

· * Do the creators of this show think it’s ‘cute’ to name her Sam Spade? Do they think we’re too young or too dumb to make the connection to the hard-boiled pulp novel detective character made famous by Humphry Bogart in The Maltese Falcon?
· ** ‘Skinny’ is a relative term. During the recent ‘skinny’ phase there was still no way I’d ever fit into any pair of jeans from 7 for all Mankind or Miss Sixty or anything like that. I did find one pair of Buffalo jeans at Nordstrom Rack that fit for the most part (if I wore them with a certain pair of heels that were high enough so the jeans wouldn’t drag on the ground and remembered to wear a belt so that I didn’t expose my butt crack when I sat down).

The upcoming weekend will be a fine mix of the highbrow and the lowbrow. Friday Steve and I are going to a fancy Italian restaurant for dinner and a tasting of Italian sparking wines – la di dah. Saturday we’re going to a ‘garage sale’ at our favorite outsider art gallery, and then Saturday night we’re hading to the dirt oval at the Route 66 Speedway to take in some team demolition derby action at the Tournament of Destruction. You just haven’t lived until you’re seen Road Rage take on Orange Crush. I highly recommend it for anyone, but especially for those who have kids – boys or girls. To make a nice day of it (since the Speedway is kind of a hike from Chicago) I also recommend going early and heading past the Speedway into Wilmington where they have some nice antique shops and a little hamburger/ice cream place called the Launching Pad that has one of the ‘Giant Beings’ from the old Route 66, the Gemini Giant.

Thanks – this has been a report from Poppy, your Illinois tour Guide.

3:12 p.m. - 2006-06-21


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