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Im doing a pretty good job of keeping up the exercise thing. Granted its only been a couple of days, but Ill take the small victory. Last night Steve and I went on a 14.5 mile bike ride. Ill admit that it was to our favorite pizza place and back, but it was a no-brainer that riding the bikes made it healthier than driving. I forgot to link to the bike race were participating in next month the last time I mentioned it. Check it out its a fun ride, but it is 30 miles and there is no way Ill be able to finish on the same day I started if I dont start riding my bike more. I wish there was a way for me to ride to work, but not only would it take about 2 hours each way but Id have to ride on roads filled with heavy rush-hour traffic and I dont love work or bike riding enough to die for it.

Sunday Im planning on seeing Wordplay, the documentary about crossword puzzles, with my friend Tam. I heard the filmmaker interviewed on the Bob Edwards show this morning and it sounds like a really fun movie. I wonder about the filmmaker though it sounds like his original plan for the film would have been really boring and if Will Shortz hadnt stepped in with some suggestions to jazz up the story then it would have died an obscure death. I think Steve sometimes rues the day that he installed xm radio into my car because probably 3 out of 5 days I start our dinner conversation with, so today on the Bob Edwards show and right about then his eyes roll into the back of his head and he asks me how much I spent on this time. I cant help it if Bob has on fantastic guests and his compelling interviews make me want to buy books and CDs Im powerless in the face of Bob. Ive often suggested that Bob should have his own book and CD club where you get a weekly e-mail from Amazon and you can check the books and CDs from the interviewees that you were interested in and have them all delivered in one neat package. Perhaps there could be a special Friend of Bob club that one could join to get special discounts. If anyone from xm is reading, yes I am available for interviews, but no, I dont really want to move to DC.

Well its almost time to take off. I have to figure out something to do for an hour or so before I pick my dad up to go to the Italian sparkling wine tasting and dinner. Id like to try to find a pair of comfortable black sandals to wear because the Clarks I bought give me toe blisters. Im sure I just have to break them in, but I need something to rotate in between the wearings of the Clarks. I tried Target a few weeks ago but all of their sandals are positively fugly all glued on sequins and beady. Yuk. Maybe Ill stop at Kohls they should have something sensible and they have that nice make-up line American Beauty (although check out Ashley Judd in the photo in that link did her head get cought in a vice? It looks all mooshed). Kohls it is.

4:49 p.m. - 2006-06-23


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