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Oog – too much going on over the weekend. Normally that would sound quite nice, but sometimes a day of nothingness is really what you’re after. Friday’s wine tasting was one big Bombs Away. We were supposed to taste 8 Italian sparkling wines but at the last minute some suave Italian vintner showed up with a case of samples, so our already generous 8 blossomed into 10 wines to taste – and the pours were rather generous in size. Thankfully the wines are fairly low in alcohol content so I didn’t make a blithering fool out of myself as I’m wont to do when I’ve been overserved – I just got a bit giddy and very happy. I managed to completely bypass sleepy, so maybe Italian sparkling wines are what I should be imbibing if I’m in it for the long haul. Now that I think of it, my stages of drunkiness are somewhat like the seven dwarves, except I’m one short – Giddy, Catty, Boisterous, Sleepy, Crabby and Barfy.

Saturday Steve and I went to an upscale yard sale at an antique/art gallery and we bought a meny drawered mini-chest that I think I’ll wind up using to store my 10,000 pairs of earrings so that I might wind up wearing more than the three pairs that I can consistently find mates for. I also bought a few pieces of costume jewelry, one of which is a lovely 1920’s enameled bracelet set with a few seed pearls that is inscribed inside. “To Mrs. Lake From the Men-Servents of Forleigh.” Man, those must have been the days – provided of course you were on the side of having the men-servents and not being one of them. Oh what I could do with my own fleet of men servents – “boys, time to rub the bunions!” “Another glass of champagne over here boys!” I could go on forever.

Saturday night we collected my dad and made the extremely long drive out to Joliet to see the Tournament of Destruction demolition derby which was, of course, totally awesome. There’s nothing quite like watching 8 cars drive around in a bunch of mud trying to t-bone each other. Alli and Mike went too, and may I say bravo to Alli because I’m sure if I was 8 months pregnant I’d probably want to stay at home on my couch and eat bon-bons and not sit for four hours on a hard bleacher bench.

Sunday I had a little downtime because it was raining which caused a cancellation in Project Yardwork – no boo-hoos from me or from my brown thumb. I used my downtime to snuggle with the kitties instead of vacuuming and cleaning the bathroom. My house may be filthy but my cats are happy. Later that afternoon I ventured out to see Wordplay with Tam. We had both forgotten that it was Pride Sunday and our theater was at ground zero as far as the parade was concerned. I got a hint of the crowds to come when the L train I was on stopped at Belmont and a huge crowd of rainbow wearing people got on the train. Because of the earlier rains, there were many limp boas. I instantly rued our choice of theaters, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. The parade had ended a couple of hours before and most people were getting out of dodge and heading home so it wasn’t as crammed as I thought it would be. As a side note, I’ve never gone to the Pride Parade before. I have a number of gay friends but none of them go to the parade as far as I know (or at least they’ve never invited me along if they do go) and although I support the causes wholeheartedly I would feel a little awkward just going as a viewer, plus the crowds freak me out a little (not the crowd itself, the sheer number of massed humanity in such tight quarters – I don’t much like fests and street fairs either for the same reason). I suppose I should just get over that because it’s probably the most fun parade in Chicago. Tam’s bus got diverted around the parade route so I had a few extra minutes to wait for her. I was leaning up against a wall in the theater lobby when a guy in a red baseball hat came up to me and asked me if I was there to see Wordplay. When I said I was indeed waiting to see Wordplay he said, “Hi! I’m Patrick Creadon – the director.” He was thrilled to hear that I’d heard him on the Bob Edwards show on xm radio the day before and even whipped out his digital camera to show me a chummy picture of him and Bob. He was such a nice guy who seemed genuinely thrilled at the good luck he and his movie were having (it’s currently the best reviewed movie in the USA – 95% of reviews have been positive) that I think even if I thought the movie stunk I couldn’t have hated it. Luckily, it was fabulous! If you saw and enjoyed Spellbound, the documentary about kids in spelling bees, then you should definitely go see Wordplay because they are similar in many ways – both showing ‘nerds’ excelling in their own realm. Plus, they featured a few celebrity crossword people – Mike Mussina of the NY Yankees was one. My god – what I wouldn’t give up for a clandestine meeting with Mr. Mussina. He’s the rare intelligent jock, in the top 15 highest paid major league players, and movie-star handsome without being a thick-necked Neanderthal. Hubba hubba. Hmmmm - I think I should go now to do a google image search for a good picture of Mr. Mussina.

4:46 p.m. - 2006-06-26


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