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God Ė last week was just this big, huge suck. I wanted to do a fun post-Weetabix visit entry (just look at her site Ė her wrap-up is fabulous and it has pictures) and make up for my non-postiness the week of the 4th, but then some viral spyware thing attacked my work computer and even our super IT guy could not get my internet explorer to work again. I now use Mozilla Firefox, which he installed for me after he threw up his hands and asked me just what kind of websites Iíve been visiting. I do my fair of surfing but I donít internet gamble, search for hott hookups, or look at nekkid people so Iím not sure what happened unless it was the Belle de Jour thing. There used to be this London call girl who had a blog and went by the pseudonym Belle de Jour but she stopped blogging after she got a book deal. I wanted to see if she had resumed writing entries or if there was any information about her book on her site, but I couldnít remember the web address. Like a HUGE moron I just typed in (hint: donít so this) and was instantly connected to some French hooker site that kept opening up more windows as fast as I could close them out. Iím sure it only lasted about 45 seconds, but it felt like hours as I tried to close out windows with half naked tarts-for-hire before anyone walked past my desk. You might argue about what the difference is between a blog by a London call girl where she described some pretty raunchy activities and a French ohh-la-la site, but I can attest that Belleís site was very tastefully designed and youíd never know from a quick glance that she was writing about naughty bits.

In addition to the computer viral activity, I myself havenít been feeling so hot. Itís just a vague sense of unwellness accompanied by very occasional lightheadedness and dizziness. I canít be too bad off Ė two weekends ago I completed the 32-mile Donut bike race (although I didnít set a course record or anything). In case youíre thinkingÖhmmm.. sounds like Poppy might be pregnantÖ. I can assure you that is not the case (although the Ortho Novum people only guarantee 99% effectiveness I kind of doubt that Iím falling into the 1% category). I have a doctor appointment tomorrow where she will no doubt tell me that my cholesterol level has skyrocketed and mention that Iíve packed on a few pounds. Iíll counter with the old give me a break, my mom got sick and died and I ate like a comfort seeking idiot for a few months. Iím sure weíll come to a happy agreement once I promise to lay off all things breaded and deep-fried and start going to the gym.

Speaking of pregnant-type things, Alli popped this morning. She went in to the hospital on Sunday morning and was in labor for (I think) about 20 hours before delivering a healthy 7 lb. 8 oz. baby girl early this morning. Yay! Iím an almost-auntie again! Alli is a real trooper Ė she did the whole thing WITHOUT AN EPIDURAL. Just think about that for a minute. If you know Alli from a previous Weetacon, e-mail me at and I can forward a picture of a verrrrry pooped looking Alli holding a super-cute pink bundle. Honestly Ė I donít think I can wait the ten years to take her for her first manicure. Is it bad to put sparkle-glitter make-up on a baby? After four nephews I am SO ready to do all the girlie stuff Iíve been denied. I even confessed to Alli that should the little tyke want it, I would push aside my feelings of creepy consumerism and take her to tea at American Girl Place where we will sit with overpriced dead-eyed dolls who are probably dressed better than I am.

Ooh! I think I might have been added to a site that has a ring of journals that mention reading alot, but I haven't mentioned my reading habits of late so I guess I better start up again. Since Steve installed my xm radio I've been listening to the Bob Edwards interview program on my morning commute and he has so many great authors on. I just picked up the out of print Marsha Norman mystery novel The Fortune Teller. Marsha Norman is probably better known for writing the Pulitzer Prize winning play, 'Night Mother (I don't usually enjoy reading plays, but this was on a reading list for one of my college Women's Studies courses and I found it to be sad but still enjoyable and very powerful) and for adapting The Secret Garden and The Color Purple for the stage. She had some good stories about how after she wrote the bookj she pitched the idea of a psychic that helps the police with cases to some tv execs and was resoundly turned down - hmmmm aren't there about three shows that use that premise now? I guess she was just a bit too early. I was able to find the book from an Amazon reseller for .01 + shipping (a total of $3.50). Too bad she never turned it into a series because it's one of the better written mysteries that I've read.

3:31 p.m. - 2006-07-17


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